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a loan made by a bank

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Bank loans have been on the decline because of weak corporate cash demand, reflecting the (stagnant) state of the economy and cautious lending policies by banks,'' a BOJ official said, commenting on the latest statistics on bank loans.
Speaking at a symposium sponsored by the World Economic Forum, Dai said 6 to 7% of all outstanding bank loans are considered uncollectable, while the other 13 to 14% are rated doubtful or overdue.
As a result of the strong financial performance, bank loan capacity is improving.
Bank loans also have been paid down with funds raised in bond markets.
The number of small businesses that cite bank loans as the primary source of financing has fallen," says Todd McCracken, president of National Small Business United (NSBU), a lobbying group in Washington, D.
Studies show that subordinate, unsecured corporate bonds generally recover approximately 30% of their value after bankruptcy at the issuing entity, while well secured bank loans normally recover 70%-90% of their value.
The rating affirmation takes into consideration the departure of Gilles Marchand, co-head of the Aladdin bank loan team.
The report measured the recovery rates on defaulted bank loans as well as the causal linkages between loan and obligor characteristics and recovery rates.
1) For firms in emerging markets, particularly small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), access to bank loans is limited compared to firms in developed countries.
If bank loans are too expensive, the medium-sized companies can tap alternative sources, such as direct financing from suppliers.
The criteria for a bank loan is crazy,'' Lewis said.
The Tax Court found that the bank loans to R were not the same, in substance, as loans to E followed by capital contributions to R.
Two Hong Kong companies have asked for ratings on existing bank loans -- Swire Pacific Ltd.
Private placements typically have fewer and weaker covenants and are less frequently secured than bank loans.
CPAs with small business companies and clients seeking bank loans may find it easier to meet lenders' information requirements.