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the maximum credit that a customer is allowed

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The principal objectives of the senior notes are the elimination of essentially all of Wainoco's short-term debt and current maturities of long-term debt through the 1990's and the restoration of more than $40 million of unused committed debt capacity under Wainoco's bank lines.
As such, the Fund's Board of Trustees have authorized the Fund to secure bank lines of credit to be utilized at its discretion.
Bank lines and cash holdings would provide limited ability to financing operating losses upon the expiry of the support agreement with Ford (potentially at yearend 2005).
In its recovery analysis of DYN, Fitch conservatively assumes all company bank lines are fully drawn and no cash remains available for creditors, hence, there is no impact on recovery valuations from the settlement cash payment.
Volt understands that cashing a paycheck can be time-consuming, with long bank lines and unwanted, costly check-cashing fees," said Jerome Shaw, Executive Vice President of Volt Information Sciences, Inc.
He added that, "the increased size does not reflect a change in CFC's funding strategy, but rather should provide investors with additional comfort, since CFC has more available under the liquidity back-up lines than it maintains outstanding in short term debt securities that require back-up bank lines.
TXU and its subsidiaries have sufficient liquidity from operating cash flow augmented by availability under its bank lines of almost $2 billion and cash-on-hand at $1.
The renewed credit facility and the company's existing three-year revolving facility maintain the company's combined, committed bank lines at $500 million.