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an examination of the affairs and records of a bank by a state or federal bank examiner

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Moreover, the relative secrecy surrounding bank examinations may also encourage regulatory inertia.
Numerous studies have focused on early warning systems as a supplement to on-site bank examinations with the purpose of determining troubled banks between bank examinations.
79) Although not stated as such, the Treasury Secretary was making reference to the protection of the bank examination privilege.
The model's emphasis is on the role of bank examinations in assessing the quality of bank assets in the presence of deposit insurance.
There are not a lot of buyers who can withstand bank examinations.
Japanese) regulators are pursuing two contradictory paths -- they are tightening up their bank examinations but not providing external capital support,'' Moody said in the report.
Bank examinations generally occur once a year and require anywhere from a few days to several weeks.
There are a number of important elements that together define this program (see box "Comparison of Traditional Bank Examinations with Risk-Focused Supervision for LCBOs"):
They use information on the supervisory process, confidential data from bank examinations, and bank balance sheet and income data for 1986-98.
Bank examinations enable supervisors to confirm the accuracy of information in regulatory reports.
This legislation reduces the discretion that federal bank supervisors once had in scheduling bank examinations.
Toward this end, bank examinations must be more frequent and more thorough than has been generally the case in recent years.
As new guidance and regulations continue to emerge within the industry, we remain dedicated to preparing our customers and find that our strong focus on building customer relationships by providing valuable expert advice, reviews and reinforcement results in a high level of customer retention, which allows us to continue growing the level of services we offer to ensure institutions are ready for bank examinations and audits.
While AT supports the bill's intent, which is to promote consistency of bank examinations and enhance consistency in the interpretation and understanding of bank examination guidelines and regulations, there is concern about parts of the legislation that state a new appraisal is not required on a commercial loan unless an advance of new funds is involved.
The methodology is based on CAMELS, a well-established rating system for bank examinations worldwide and has a benchmark value of five.