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an examination of the affairs and records of a bank by a state or federal bank examiner

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Permanent TSB's failure of the European Central Bank exams was not unexpected but it again highlights the precarious state of the country's lenders.
Robert Litan of the Kaufman Foundation and the Brookings Institution, and former Comptroller of the Currency Jerry Hawke, found that bank exams and rules were often a bad fit for banks examined--a sentiment expressed by big and small banks alike.
And when Securities tried to obtain bank exams from the Banking Department, the department declined, saying the examinations were confidential.
Larger firms would be subject to a horizontal review process to compare their practices against rivals, while the compensation review for smaller banks would be part of their regular bank exams, the Fed source said.
DCI customers were the honored attendees as well as featured speakers for educational workshops addressing areas such as electronic bank exams, Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) compliance, profitability, IT management and branch capture technologies.