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The refunds, issued on amended NatWest Bank cheques which can be banked anywhere, are legal.
Meanwhile, suppliers of the bar, which only opened in July were trying to bank cheques, staff were counting the cost of unpaid wages, and customers of his other bar around the corner were trying to claim back deposits.
The bank has claimed that it has unearthed malpractices in the banking sector involving fraudulent drawing of bank cheques.
The charges he eventually admitted include 10 pairs of counts relating to Hedges's dishonest use of bank cheques in the name of Mrs Annie Fawcett trading as Nursing Staff Solutions (NSS), between February 2004 and October 2005.
As part of the process, I was given bank cheques for my share, totalling SFr 300,000.
The pounds 17m Speke site opened in July and will create 300 new jobs printing bank cheques, statements and utility and credit card bills.
Katie Gilligan, 27, an associate with Chester-based Walker Smith Way commissioned a handwriting expert to check signatures on everything from bank cheques to family letters in the case, in which a daughter tried to cheat her family by forging her dying mother's will.
These people have used bank cheques to pay for goods and services they have not received.
A COVENTRY man has been jailed for 12 months by city magistrates for offences including three counts of receiving stolen goods namely assorted electrical power tools and two bank cheques.
It's about a girl who dreams up a scheme to bank cheques made out to her employer in her own account.
Apart from printing the nation's currency, the mint also prints security documents such as bank cheques, stamps, immigration and customs papers, postal orders, passports, treasury bills, academic certificates and share certificates for various government and private clients.
TNT deliver transplant organs for the NHS, benefit cheques for social services and bank cheques for NatWest and Lloyds TSB.
Perhaps the most important of these is a bill aimed at regulating bank cheques.
We might have some minor problems with bank cheques that have expired in the last two weeks, but this is something that the government should decide on," the official said.
In the rental market, the incentives are disappearing, payments in single or two bank cheques is becoming the common method, according to NBAD report.