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Those going to the United Arab Emirates may also obtain the AED (UAE Dirham) bank cheques issued by Habib Bank in the
Various companies pay excise duty by way of bank cheques or cash and these are payments that actually flow into the government's coffers.
Summary: The UAE economy is moving to the Direct Debit System from October 5, when customers would advise their banks to make monthly installments to their lenders, instead of writing post-dated bank cheques for paying-back mortgages, auto loans and personal loans.
KUWAIT, Sept 16 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) management and Kuwaiti Clearance Company and brokerage agencies will start distributing Warba Bank cheques for stock sales during a night shift, from 5 p.
One may donate funds to TCF in any form - zakat or just charity in cash or through bank cheques or demand drafts or whatever form is convenient to the donor.
Almost half of the crimes committed in 2011 were related to issuing bank cheques without balance (47.
The ex-tenants alleged that the 17-storey building's landlord is still encashing post-dated bank cheques (PDCs) given as advance rent payments.
Al Kubaisi said the families that do not require permanent assistance are provided with bank cheques.
The next U-turn on the horizon is scrapping the plan to abolish bank cheques by 2018.
There are no prizes to guess that the only authorised person to sign bank cheques is the head of the association," the source pointed out.
THERE have been a number of letters recently bemoaning the phasing out of bank cheques.
He also denies keeping asbestos in a manner likely to cause pollution or harm to human health, and transferring or concealing criminal property in the form of bank cheques.
MANAMA: A uniform set of standards and specifications for designing and printing of bank cheques is being introduced by the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB).
The refunds, issued on amended NatWest Bank cheques which can be banked anywhere, are legal.
Meanwhile, suppliers of the bar, which only opened in July were trying to bank cheques, staff were counting the cost of unpaid wages, and customers of his other bar around the corner were trying to claim back deposits.