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a Muslim republic in southern Asia bordered by India to the north and west and east and the Bay of Bengal to the south

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The report said that the number of Bangladeshi workers who have left for various overseas destinations, including the Gulf states, in 2010 was recorded at 376,327.
New Delhi, Aug 9(ANI): The Delhi Police has increased its vigil on illegal Bangladeshi migrants following intelligence inputs of a possible terror strike on August 15.
Bahrain stopped issuing work permits to Bangladeshis last May when Mohammed Jassim Dossary, a Bahraini, was allegedly murdered by a Bangladeshi technician.
However, the Bahrainis were convicted along with the Bangladeshis by the High Criminal Court in June.
Members of the South Tyneside Bangladeshi Youth Organisation will be dressed in colourful costumes and will be playing traditional drums.
The event was organised by Birmingham City Council in response to a community charter launched in November last year by Bangladeshis for Equal Rights - a local forum for the Bangladeshi community in the West Midlands.
Both the nations were coincidentally born in the same year [1971] and Bangladeshis started coming to the UAE in the mid-1970s when the economy flourished," Mohammad Imran, Bangladeshi Ambassador to the UAE, said on the occasion.
The two injured Bangladeshis were passengers of the car driven by the deceased.
Saudi Arabia recruited about 150,000 Bangladeshis each year until 2008, according to a statement of that country's Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training.
Summary: ABU DHABI -- The UAE has been a favourite destination for many Bangladeshi job seekers for several years and the number of incoming workers from Bangladesh is continuously on the rise, said Mohammed Nazmul Quaunine, Bangladeshi Ambassador to the UAE.
18 (ANI): Bangladeshi expatriates in Bahrain say they have been forced to take part in pro-government rallies, which has provoked attacks from a majority of the Shia population of the country in return, leading to the death of two Bangladeshis in the clashes.
Bangladeshis are also highly likely to be living in comparatively poor housing conditions which lack central heating and suffer from dampness and condensation.
With Esmail's death, the death toll among Bangladeshis has risen to four.
As most of the expatriate Bangladeshis live away from the capital Muscat, once they manage to reach the embassy in Muscat to renew or obtain new passport, they prefer to avail themselves of the opportunity to get the MRP.
After all, there are about 100,000 Bangladeshis here who constitute a large portion of the total expatriate population in Bahrain.
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