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port in northern Libya on the Gulf of Sidra

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ANKARA, Feb 19, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkey's ministry of foreign affairs said on Saturday that Turkish embassy in Tripoli and consulate general in Banghazi worked in coordination with Libyan authorities in order to ensure the security of the Turks living in Libya amidst the ongoing turmoil in this country.
Davutoglu said 248 Turkish citizens were brought back to homeland via Egypt, and Turkey had taken 3,000 other citizens from Banghazi port this morning.
Her 16-day Cradle of Civilization itinerary explores eclectic markets in the maiden ports of Bizerte, Tunisia and Banghazi, Libya.
Box 2121 Banghazi Libya Telephone: 218-61-87350 Fax: 218-61-86941 Contact: M.
The carrier will operate eight flights weekly from Tripoli, Banghazi and Sabha to Cairo and Alexandria in Egypt.
CLIVE LEE of Widnes is seeking his army pal, Ken Deeming of Coventry, who served with him at 3rd Base Workshops, REME in Banghazi, Libya, during 1956-1958.
The ports of destination now include Alexandria, Egypt; Tripoli and Banghazi, Libya; Tunis and Zarzis, Tunisia; Banjul, The Gambia; Conakry, Guinea; Abidjan, Ivory Coast; Tema, Ghana; Lome, Togo; Cotonou, Benin; Lagos, Nigeria; Douala, Cameroon; and Luanda, Angola.
The men of Misrata and the entire Banghazi Western stooges never understood the consequences of their action against the man who had brought Africa pride.
Answering journalists' questions after addressing a news conference in the rebels' base in Banghazi, Abdul Jalil promised to to provide Al Qathafi with a fair trial.
Turkey plans to bring back 281 more citizens to homeland by a plane sent to Banghazi this morning," the statement said.
Al-Qubbah City is a small city with an estimated population of 100,000 people located 200 kilometers from Banghazi City, the nation's second largest logistics hub and the transportation center.
com) (Nasdaq:ACLNF) today announced the initiation of service to two new ports of destination in Libya -- Banghazi and Tripoli.