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firework consisting of a small explosive charge and fuse in a heavy paper casing

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BANGERS of the firework variety were not the only ones filling the Birmingham air with smoke.
Meanwhile, baste the Porkinson Bangers by mixing the honey, soy, lime juice, tomato puree and Tabasco.
Or the neds who run about the streets chucking bangers at each other.
PORK-TASTIC: Butchers Craig Rollinson and Andrew Whitwam, are pictured with restaurant manager Louise Bonner with the prize bangers at the start of British Sausage Week (PC271009Hsausage-01)
The smell of beautiful bangers wafting through the Mailbox as the Midlands' Tastiest Sausage Competition came to town was proof of its place as Britain's fave food.
The week is organised by the British Sausage Appreciation Society to celebrate the quality, taste and diversity of the British banger.
89 packs of pork sausages contain 10 per cent less fat than standard bangers.
Some bangers have a short fuse that can explode very quickly once lit causing injury to anyone holding them.
More than 400 butchers from across the region submitted their best bangers, and the top eight were put before the judges.
This year, judges evaluated 200 entries across five categories - traditional pork sausage, speciality pork sausage, best pub pork sausage, best innovative pork sausage and iconic British banger.
Show organisers are offering people the chance to have their old bangers crushed by the monster truck and another huge crusher - The Grim Reaper - as it is cheered on by a crowd of nearly 30,000 people.
For example, knocking pounds 2000 off the price of a car costing pounds 5000 would make it affordable for millions of motorists who would otherwise continue to drive their older environmentally-unfriendly bangers.
Bangers and mash, braised and stewed meat dishes and hearty game pies are all up a third on last year, where as sales of soup have nearly doubled.
A SPECIALLY adapted ice cream van began its national tour in Newcastle yesterday offering a new take on the 99 Flake - cones full of bangers and mash.
The Board Bangers also made history by being the first group to have a music video produced for every song on their debut album.