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a data transmission rate

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Making use of adaptive streaming technology adjusting video resolution according to available IP bandwith, Altech multimedia's hybrid box will ensure a smooth and uninterrupted user viewing experience.
Many urban homes can already access that sort of speed but we want to get the regulatory environment right, to strip away vironment right, to strip away barriers to private sector investment and to encourage demand for higher bandwith.
It's true that the rush of readers coming to the Lehrer story was much larger than normal, but I am assured by our IT team that we had more than sufficient bandwith and server memory to handle it," Oxfeld wrote, pointing out that for several hours Monday afternoon, the site supported heavy traffic without incident.
Bandwith available for voice, video and Internet are amazing, as in the case of copper the bandwith is limited and has less speed.
Reuters' reports last year said that the telecommunications services firm could be attractive for mobile operators seeking increased bandwith to meet growing demand for mobile Internet.
Speaking of ungodly Internet video parts, Holland's Tim Zom dropped a doozy across the bandwith, scoring a spot on Staba's Skate Mental.
If the group is successful in signing up enough bandwith through the scheme, it could make it easier for users to hide.
IPA will begin providing the Thaicom-4 bandwith to NBN Co this year.
2Gbps, the highest bandwith currently available, and can handle 1080p signals at increased color depths and refresh rates.
The RFP asks potential bidders to provide data communications and bandwith for a system that can support up to the listing service's 7,000 members.
Given that our offsite construction services lend well to these needs, we expect Kullman's presence as a leading provider of buildings for telecommunications technology infrastucture to grow concurrently with the growing demand for technology that supports the growing global bandwith use.
With plenty of bandwith being freed up by the switch to digital next February, local stations are pondering how to program their secondary digital channels, and the broadcast networks are staying out of the game .
In addition to this, employees are wasting valuable bandwith sourcing presents rather than working.
Greater computer bandwith is headed to Florence but it may be awhile before locals have access to it.
Web technicians sought to increase bandwith by about 20% at one point, Hawkins said.