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a type of concertina popular in South America

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With Iris blond curls and gold earring, Castro is clearly not one of your traditional bandoneonists.
He confesses that he is perturbed by the penchant of many new bandoneonists to play music exactly the way they did in the 1940s.
Bandoneonists, I have found, have a visceral disgust for the sound of the accordion, which they consider grating and unsophisticated.
Other members of the orchestra include violinists Adolfo Halsband and Alejandro Schaikis; bandoneonists Ruben Slonimsky and Luciano Jungman; cellist Daniela Schuster; double bassist Ignacio Varchausky; and singer Mimi Kozlowski.
You have to learn to play as a child when you have nothing to worry about," says Pascual "Cholo" Mamone, eighty-two, a veteran bandoneonist.