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Now he wore a richly embroidered red skirt, a headpiece of cowrie shells hung with tufts of yak's tail and a sadly magnificent bandolier of yellowed tiger's teeth, some six inches long.
A Bag Worth a Pony: The Art of the Ojibwe Bandolier Bag by Marcia G.
LOADS OF WAR Crates of supplies are put on to a cargo plane at Camp Bastion CEASE FIRE Bandoliers of ammunition ready to be put away as troops withdraw
7 mm, 10 MUV2 (suicidal switches),1 Glue gun, 1 Pistol (old condition), 2 APMs, 4 Bandoliers, 2 Warless set, 1 Micro meter set (Electrical), 2 Roll Safety fuze,1 Primer Cord and 1 60 mm mortar sight (old).
He described their faces "blackened with cocoa, sheaved knives were strapped to their ankles; tommy guns strapped to their waists; bandoliers and hand-grenades, coils of rope, pick-handles, spades.
They were found with high-powered rifles, with bandoliers packed with bullets around their bodies.
Demetriou had everything that money could provide on his person in the way of weaponry--including two bandoliers criss-crossed on his chest South American bandit style, several grenades hooked into his belt, and an ivory-handled revolver on each hip.
Keep your eye out for inexpensive, yet essential, items like magazines, clips, stripper clips, bayonets, bandoliers, holsters, web gear, parts kits, barrels, firing pins, springs, cleaning equipment and sighting systems.
It's the kind of drink that promotes my ideal homoerotic fantasy--sipping lemon-hinted tsipouro, doobie bandoliers crossing my glistening chest, sailing the Greek Isles with Donovan and his party hungry pal, Gypsy Dave.
Shouting to his section for more bandoliers, he dropped into a hole in the ground and covered those bringing up the ammunition by lying on his back and firing the Bren gun over his shoulder.
Likewise, Bandoliers finds Jones stroking Kashmir synth strings, and Elephants rushes through a succession of rock riff time changes.
I was stopped by three men with AK-47 rifles and bandoliers of ammunition, who did not hide their faces and identified themselves as Talibs.
AK-47s, four rocket-propelled grenades, multiple rocket-propelled grenade rounds, a hand grenade, bandoliers of ammunitions and other military equipment.
Secondly bandoliers were normally not worn by infantry and the final confirmation is the wearing of a white lanyard at his shoulder.