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the leader of a dance band

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From the start, he had been approached with offers to record as a bandleader.
Despite their different backgrounds, the two bandleaders are a well matched pair.
Singer and trombonist Andy Prior, also the son of a bandleader, came to prominence through the ranks of the Wigan Youth Jazz Orchestra where he played in the trombone section and sang Frank Sinatra style songs.
Bandleader Harry Leader had the signature tune Music, Maestro, Please
For some time bandleader Joe Loss had a signature tune called Let's Dance at the Make Believe Ballroom, which was a speciality fox trot with a vocal refrain.
Audiences need not expect Weller to flourish his baton too much: "I've always thought that with some of these bands with a bandleader waving his arms about, he looks a bit of a fool.
So while the philharmonic was celebrating the centenary of the birth of Miller - one of the most popular bandleaders in the U.
They'll find other spots, Mango Tango down the street or at the nearby Woodley Lakes Golf Course, but bandleaders and musicians alike growl about having to abandon their regular spot at the end of the month.
Bandleader Clyde Reasinger provided that offbeat touch.
Valdes was one of the most creative and influential bandleaders in the pre-revolutionary Cuba of the 1940s and 50s.
It's with a double bill of two legendary bandleaders from the trad jazz: Acker Bilk and Chris Barber.
As one of the premier bandleaders of his age, Bob Florence and his orchestra, the Limited Edition, show no signs of slowing down or taking the easy way out.
The orchestra, which is booked to appear at the Playboy Jazz Festival on June 17 at the Hollywood Bowl, recalls the great Fania All-Stars, which in the '70s was the house band of New York's Fania Records and comprised the label's bandleaders, top sidemen and vocalists.
The Newport musician, who died five years ago this week, was one of three major bandleaders to fly the Mayo flag on the dance stages of Ireland over many decades.
Pursued by the big bandleaders, he joined Ted Fio Rito, in Hollywood in 1941, then the Benny Goodman Orchestra in New York, whom he later rejoined after military service.