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any of various agile ratlike terrestrial marsupials of Australia and adjacent islands

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Of the 102 samples, 5 (1 soil specimen, 2 bandicoot [Isoodon macrourus] feces samples, 1 sample of an individual mosquito, and 1 pool of 2 mosquitoes) were positive for IS2404.
Thus, DNA in bandicoot feces could be attributed to the M.
The only way to establish viable populations of Eastern Barred Bandicoots within their historic range is to exclude foxes by surrounding reintroduction sites with predator-barrier fences.
Starting in 1991 at Healesville Sanctuary (Krake and Halley 1993) with 23 individuals, nine institutions have successfully bred Eastern Barred Bandicoots for release (in alphabetical order: Healesville Sanctuary, Kyabram Fauna Park, Melbourne Zoo, Monarto Fauna Complex, Serendip Sanctuary, Taronga Zoo, Taronga Western Plains Zoo and Werribee Open Range Zoo).
These conditions will protect matters of national environmental significance such as the vulnerable growling grass frog and the endangered southern brown bandicoot.
In considering this approval, I have taken particular note of scientific and community concerns around the well being of the southern brown bandicoot and measures to protect this species have been a high priority.
The aim of our study was to quantify how a previously released population of eastern barred bandicoots behaved at Mt Rothwell, a predator free but apparently degraded reserve.
These inconveniences include bandicoots digging holes in lawns, brush turkeys scattering garden mulch, fruit bats raiding fruit trees and noisy possums on the roof.
A prototyping exercise was initiated in 1988 to facilitate the conservation and recovery of endangered eastern barred bandicoots in Victoria, Australia.
Southern Brown Bandicoots were only discovered on the island in 2009 and population numbers are currently unknown, but thought to be substantial (Malcolm Legg pers.
Java isolates from animals in or near local government area, Australia, 1998-2009 * Species Year Reason for collection Bandicoot ([dagger]) 1998 Opportunistic screening Dog ([double dagger]) 2001 Unclear Black duck 2008 Near contaminated playground Black rat 2008 Trapped in contaminated playground Bandicoot 2008 Trapped in contaminated playground Brushtail possum 2009 Trapped in state park Bandicoot 2009 Trapped in state parks Bandicoot 2008-2009 Wildlife rescue Bandicoot 2009 Trapped in yard of a case- patient Bandicoot ([section]) 2009 Wildlife rescue No.
The author also provides three very interesting factual pages about bandicoots, as well as a page for children to colour in.
1994) and the captive breeding program of Zoos Victoria proving successful, the Eastern Barred Bandicoot Recovery Team identified the emerging issue in the need to find large areas of protected habitat in order to release captive bred bandicoots and continue to expand the breeding program success.
Wan 'kurra The Golden Bandicoot Waterlily Pub, 2013 unpaged $25.