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any of various agile ratlike terrestrial marsupials of Australia and adjacent islands

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In response to my request, Victoria developed a habitat connectivity supplement to the bandicoot strategy which provides new movement corridors between the Royal Botanic Gardens, Cranbourne, and other bandicoot habitat outside of the south-eastern growth corridor.
Brio devise a new kind of evil -- a text-messaging, do-anything device which controls both mutant and bandicoot minds.
FitzGibbon S and Jones D (2006) A community-based wildlife survey: the knowledge and attitudes of residents of suburban Brisbane, with a focus on bandicoots.
In this paper we introduce the prototyping strategy using the Australian eastern barred bandicoot (Perameles gunnii) management program as an example.
Even though the goals of a project may be clear, as in the clear goal of recover the bandicoot species, numerous ambiguities may persist: "hence an aim of prototypic study is to devise a better strategic programme" (Lasswell 1971a: 190).
The Australian bandicoot prototyping effort: A test case
1) incomplete knowledge about many factors that were likely responsible for bandicoot decline;
The context of the bandicoot case made prototyping possible at that time because of the relatively low profile of the program, the limited number of participants, and loose organization, the willingness of participants to examine a variety of options for the future of the program, the lack of debilitating conflict, the support or neutrality of key actors towards prototyping and the concept of developing a model program, and the primary interest of most participants in program success (i.
The bandicoot recovery program was reorganized in early 1992 as a result of the group's evaluation (Backhouse 1992; Backhouse et al.
While recent success bodes well for the species, the eastern barred bandicoot remains far from recovered (Humphries and Seebeck 1995).
A continuing commitment to the prototyping strategy encourages adaptability of conservation efforts and eventual bandicoot recovery.
The natural history of the bandicoot and the nature and operation of the Wan'kurra program is woven into the narrative through encounters and dialogue with the scientists and local residents.