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Synonyms for bandy

Synonyms for bandy

to give and receive

to speak together and exchange ideas and opinions about

Synonyms for bandy

toss or strike a ball back and forth

exchange blows

discuss lightly

have legs that curve outward at the knees

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He arrived in Amritsar on the day of Diwali and Harmandir Sahib ( also known as the Golden Temple) was lit with hundreds of lamps to celebrate his return; the day came to be known as the " Bandi Shor( Shodh) Divas" ( the day of freedom).
The event will start at 7pm on Friday and will feature a yoga demonstration by Bandi Ramulu and his students, to commemorate Dr Iyengar's birthday.
The hard sell included numerous phone calls, a visit by Bandi to Daniel's house, a promise of a money-back guarantee and being warned: "I could miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Bandi disclosed that "the recent meeting held in Juba with the sons and daughters of the state was commendable and was lauded by every southern Sudanese in Juba.
All 182 bandi for 1701-1813, which sometimes listed several books at once, are edited in one volume, while two other volumes contain the systematic and chronologically ordered inventory of the meetings of the Congregation for the Index and the Inquisition.
Following the strike, the employees observed Tala bandi of the offices and thus did not attend the offices.
Meanwhile, during a search operation against illegal arms in Buner, security forces have arrested at least eighty-five people and seized cache of ammunition in an area Shuttle Bandi of Buner.
It should be mentioned that at least 14 persons were killed and 37 others were injured, when a powerful bomb ripped through outside Madrassa Jamia Islamia Muftaul Uloom located in Satellite Town on occasion of the Dastaar Bandi of students, who had completed religious education.
On Friday the families of the hiding militants have been expelled from Kanju, Dharai, Maghaar, Hazara Deolai, Kotano Bandi and other areas.
As a result two persons Bandi Khan and Altaf Hussain died on the spot.
The forces discovered a cave and recovered heavy amount of arms and ammunition in Bara Bandi, area of same Tehsil.
From 10am to 4pm, Namble feeder, Village Molian, Namble, Bandi, Paltan, Kalain.
ISPR informed here that security forces arrested 5 suspects from different areas of Swat including Matta, Khel, Kanju, while carrying search operation in other areas of Bara Bandi and Mingora also apprehended further four alleged terrorists.
SWAT, November 04, 2009 (Frontier Star): A close accomplice to Fazlullah and militant commander named Saifullah has been arrested form Koza Bandi, a village few miles away from Swat on Wednesday.
Addressing a press conference on Saturday, president, FMOA, Sher Bandi Khan Marwat said that that the ratio of mine leases has been declined following the introduction of policy in the province.