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a data transmission rate

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It also boasts an extra wide play able band width and powerful output.
Farmers and Knowledge database to be developed in the project, creating animation dashboard and admin and user panels to be developed in the project, providing SMS gateway and sending SMS in local language to farmers and providing interna band width and hosting the website.
Firstly, the band width and compression factor for digital varies greatly from the old analogue signal.
These included extensive write offs on its home loan book, concerns regarding the stability of its senior management team, and the band width required to manage the acquisition by Absa of the bank's African operations.
The Optocator 2201 is being enhanced with a high frequency data acquisition system that will increase the speed of the sensor to a 32 kHz sample rate and 8 kHz band width.
This delay shows up in the total band width demanded of this interconnect and the time it takes to get a word out of memory, across the interconnect, and to the processor--what we call the latency.
Iran Sat" presents band width services on Badr-5 joint telecommunications satellite.
Tenders are invited for Shdsl-H Connect Lan Extender With Built-In Four Port Switch To Connect Remote Computers Using Two Copper Wire Over A Distance Of Minimum 2 Km And To A Band Width Of 5.
Passive modes include 50-60Hz; low band width ([less than or equal to] 4kHz), medium band width (4-15kHz) and high band width ([greater than or equal to] 15kHz).
According to FCC, UWB systems should have at least 500 MHz bandwidth or 20% fractional band width (FBW).
Consequently, communicators onboard ADNS Inc IIA ships will need to have the knowledge and ability to cross-connect two DSCS data paths to maintain the same aggregate band width.
Fiber optic communication takes advantage of the high band width, or data capacity, of optical fibers which can transmit electronic information over long distances quickly and without electromagnetic interference.
This includes the cost of electricity, band width and manpower, said Masubelele.
The poupose of this paper was to find the best relation to expres the hardening band width using different methods and, in the same time, to compare these dependence relations.