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a data transmission rate

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More information could be compressed onto the band width.
The government is more likely to share rather than give up additional band width, Atkins said.
Passive modes include 50-60Hz; low band width (< 4kHz), medium band width (4-15kHz) and high band width (>15kHz).
1 of the measurement range and band width (response) is 2 kHz.
These antennas provide radiation patterns and gain similar to a quarter-wavelength monopole over a conducting ground plane, As all example, the UHF antenna has a SWR of less than 2 over the operational band width of 580 to 900 MHz.
The Chainflex CFLG cable combines the high quality transmission rates of glass fibers with the cable flexibility required for the automation industry, The cable withstands temperatures from 200 to 158[degrees]F, a nominal voltage of 300/500V, and a band width of 20 MHz x km.
Chainflex CFLG is constructed to withstand a temperature range of 20 to 158[degrees]F, a nominal voltage of 300/500 V, a band width of 20 MHz x km, and a damping rate of 6 dB/km at 820 nm and 30 dB/km at 1300 nm.
Similar to Panasonic and its wired home, Nokia has to overcome the primary obstacle of network and band width before its futuristic mobile phone can be realized.
By reducing the size of large image files, MrSID also optimizes band width so that files can be sent quickly and offers users instant Internet access to images.
The collection consists of 21 patterns: 12 Broad-looms, ranging from 12-color, 6' repeats to 4-color, 3" repeats; 5 Design Borders, from a 3" band width to an 18" width; 2 Corridor Patterns--seamless, four-door inset rugs with two complementary corridor runners; 1 Area Rug--6'x9'; 1 Carpet-to-Fit--a bordered broadloom designed to be custom-fitted to most room configurations.
The Empire State Building, which will mark its 70th anniversary in 2001, recently completed a $70 million modernization program, which included band width communications, new elevators, renewed central air conditioning, new windows, state-of-the-art fire control and safety systems, and a newly-renovated United States Post Office.
In an increasingly band width hungry world, it is simply the most cost- effective option.
If you're very likely to hit the band and the operational cost of adjusting prices is high, you and the other party may want to increase the band width.
I don't think we have even really gotten started on what will be the way in which we communicate in a many-to-many medium with a lot of band width.
Band width, which limits the amount of data that can be moved, will need to expand to that provided by fiber optics for effective use of the evolving technologies.