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the conductor of a band

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His parting of the ways with the band master Frederick Innes was not entirely without ill feeling; low profits show that in his new cornet player Herman Bellstedt Innes failed to find an adequate replacement either musically or in showmanship.
George Allen -- Big Band master Class featuring Community College of Philadelphia Jazz Ensemble.
I believe that Edgar Whitham was band master at Meltham at about the same time.
He played trombone in the Lingdale Band, where his father Fred senior was the band master.
Cllr O'Neill talked of Postlethwaite's role as band master in Brassed Off, the 1996 film about a coal mine in a Northern English village that was earmarked for closure which would mean the end for the brass band.
This year Alan, 53, from Heaton, Newcastle, has had to learn how to be a band master for the company's latest production of The Music Man which opens at Newcastle Royal Grammar School's Performing Arts Centre tomorrow.
Antony Haines, assistant band master at the Corps of Drums, said: "We rely heavily on donations made by local businesses and we are extremely grateful to Fusion for its generosity.
A FORMER music teacher and Brighouse and Rastrick Band Master - who was once named the best brass band player in Britain - has been charged with child sex offences.
My left foot: one man band master Michael Angelo, 80, originally from Monte Casino, Italy, but latterly Brownlow Hill, Liverpool, was famed for his renditions of Nelly Kelly and Cuckoo Waltz, especially, he said in "Downsmith Road".
Band master David Brown was delighted by their success in the contest at Bilston.
Sadly we have had our disappointments as many, including the band master have passed away, but among others we found one living in the USA, one in Plymouth and one in the Royal Chelsea Hospital for retired army personnel.
Roger Manley, band master said: "Thirteen of the band couldn't get here because the roads were impassable.
Band Master Bam Williams of The Salvation Army will be sadly missed by all his family and friends.
Ring acting band master Jeff Johnson on 01745 361843.