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the leader of a dance band

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Last "lived for music and wrote musical history", said Semmel Concerts, adding he was the most successful German band leader of all time.
After graduating Sean stayed in Hudderseld and became big band leader over a decade ago, taking over from saxophonist Andy Scott.
Bugle Boy ponders what happened to Miller whose disappearance remains as much a mystery today as when the iconic American band leader went missing at the end of World War II.
ENGLAND band leaders have lodged an official protest with UEFA after being banned from taking their instruments into Monday's draw with France.
Prior to the Kuwait Evening at BFSU Campus, part of the Kuwait Cultural Week in Beijing, the Television Band leader Mada'allah Al-Farj, also known as Bu Ajil, told KUNA the two-hour event would feature a joint performance with Chinese students who went the extra mile to learn Kuwaiti folklore songs as part of their Arabic language education.
Milestones, a band dedicated to the music of the late American trumpeter, band leader and composer, will take the stage with two sets.
In fact, Tabu Ley was more than just an outstanding vocalist - over the years spanning 1961 and 1993 he mastered various skills: author, composer, impresario, band leader, talent scout, studio engineer and producer, musicians' union leader and even turning his hand to politics.
JAZZ pianist and band leader Wally Fields is celebrating his return to his birthplace by creating a jazz combo to play a weekly spot in a city art deco ballroom.
When Don left he became resident band leader in Blackpool until he died.
30 Newbury Scotland's best accordionist and dance band leader was born in Fife in 1908.
Basra, Apr 25, (VOI) a" One child was killed and 25 people were wounded on Friday when unknown gunmen attacked a wedding with a hand grenade at the center of Basra city, said the band leader that organized the wedding, while an owner of a music shop said that his shop was attacked by a bomb explosion in a separate incident in the city.
I went to Dunfermline's Carnegie Hall to see Tommy Sampson's Big Band and the 89-year-old band leader was an inspirtion as well.
Good-humored Chicago blues harpist, singer and band leader Wells was a regular in the '70s at now-defunct Theresa's Tavern on the South Side.
Goddess Land appealed to a wide range of readers, all the way from form the twenty one year old punk band leader, who thought it really rocked to the sixty year old disillusioned intellectual, who found several of the poems quite refreshing.
Here are noted band leaders, musicians, arrangers, singers, producers, promoters, and Salsa experts ranging from songwriter, journalist and musicologist Tite Curet Alonzo; to pianist, composer, arranger, founder of the Cuban group Irakere Chucho Valdes; to band leader, Apollo Sound, percussionist, dancer, Fania All Star Roberto Roena.