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trade name for an adhesive bandage to cover small cuts or blisters

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GOLDIE Lookin' Chain are hoping to challenge Band Aid 20 for this year's Christmas No.
In 1984 all the cash raised by Band Aid was ploughed into famine relief projects in Ethiopia.
FEED THE WORLD: Band Aid came together on this day in 1984 to record Do They Know It's Christmas?
But I'm not going to knock the millions of pounds that will hopefully be raised from the Band Aid 30 single.
Lewis Herro,Fort William ### CONCERNING the vast amounts of cash being raised by Band Aid for the poor, hungry people abroad.
Rockford's Christmas Morning will go head-to-head with Band Aid, with all proceeds going to the famous London home, which counts Kevin Spacey and Johnny Depp among its supporters.
Heidi is the latest Liverpool pop star to work on a Band Aid single.
Midge has spent the last seven days rounding up his pop star pals for today's 20th anniversary Band Aid session.
As the Band Aid 20 record topped the Christmas singles chart, Fran said: 'If we'd been there, it would have been a 50/50 chance that me and Nora would have been in that vehicle.
Midge, who gave me a sneak preview of his dream for the new Band Aid project, said: 'I got in touch with Nigel Godrich, who is in Los Angeles working on Paul McCartney's new album, and he's agreed to produce the single.
Glasgow-born Midge, for many the unsung hero of Band Aid, took one hour to create the melody for Do They Know It's Christmas?
TYCOON Tom Hunter yesterday vowed to hand Band Aid 20 pounds 7million.
30 years on from the massive success of Band Aid, "Do They Know It's Christmas?
The Band Aid concept was developed by Dubliner Bob Geldof, who was moved by news reports on famine in Ethiopia.
But Fran, who played a key role in Band Aid 20's No1 single Do They Know It's Christmas, admits he is nervous about the prospect.