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Synonyms for banana

go bananas


  • go crazy
  • go nuts
  • go insane
  • go bonkers
  • go mental
  • go barmy
  • go loopy
  • go round the bend
  • go frantic
  • go batty
  • go doolally
  • go round the twist
  • go nutty

Synonyms for banana

any of several tropical and subtropical treelike herbs of the genus Musa having a terminal crown of large entire leaves and usually bearing hanging clusters of elongated fruits

elongated crescent-shaped yellow fruit with soft sweet flesh

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Nowadays a natural fabric called Sinamay - made from banana plants in the Philippines - is the main fabric used in the construction of hats.
LESLEY DONALD PHOTOGRAPHY' AMAZED: John Beaton with his banana plant
The traditional Oaxacan tamale is wrapped in the banana leaf, the leaf from the banana plant," she explains.
The banana plant is not a tree -- it is the world's largest herb.
One vaccine-producing banana plant could grow more than 100 pounds of bananas
We are standing in what seems like a banana tree forest, dried leaves crunching under our feet, thankful for the shade under the foot-wide banana plant leaves in the 90 [degrees] F air.
It's made from woven banana plant leaves which would otherwise be discarded.
Abaca is a relative of the banana plant that is raised for making marine rope and twine.
Q I HAVE had a banana plant for two years in a large pot which I put outside for the summer.
Q CAN you tell me how I should look after my Christmas gift of a banana plant as it winters indoors?
Q: I've read that the banana plant reproduces asexually.
ABGC Chief Executive Officer Jim Pekin said it s vital the national industry is protected against what is one of the world s most destructive banana plant diseases.
In a statement, the government said that the disease is caused by a fungus that can lead to yellowing and discolouration in the leg and then in the complete banana plant.