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Synonyms for fritter

small quantity of fried batter containing fruit or meat or vegetables

spend frivolously and unwisely

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Brummie Alison Hammond, the Big Brother contestant turned TV presenter, proved the heaviest of the bunch weighing in at more than 20 stone - well she does admit to king prawn fried rice and banana fritter with syrup being her favourite meal.
He and I bumped into each other at Heathrow Airport, as I was trying to claim my free papaya and banana fritter, one of the benefits of the frequent flyer air miles programme.
90 Chips pounds 2 Plain soft noodles pounds 3 Banana fritter with honey and syrup pounds 3
We could have had the likes of kulfi, banana split and banana fritter.
Probably after five years, you'll be a millionaire,' said Duterte to a vendor of 'maruya,' a banana fritter which is the President's favorite dessert.
Banana fritter 300 cals,22g fa 2 glasses white wine 160 cals,.
Lynn and I progressed on to coffee while Murray and Ewan shared a pretty standard banana fritter that they enjoyed well enough.
For dessert, we had bowls of ice cream and added a banana fritter.
Another taster from the soulful Miss Anderson's new album and it's as smooth as a banana fritter.
I'll have a fizzy orange, two helpings of strawberry sundae and a banana fritter.
But that would be my wife's dessert of the day every single day of the year, so she wolfed down a generous portion while I enjoyed a banana fritter with a scoop of good quality vanilla ice-cream.
The other way in which we like to use bananas is in hot form, such as the banana fritter.
Visitors will be welcomed with one of the most famous Jamaican dishes, Peanut Porridge, and Coconut Banana Fritters at 10.
Back home, in the UK the choice is usually limited to three; banana fritters, ice cream or banana fritters with ice cream.