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For additional press information on First Act, including hi-res images of the Bambusa -- click here: http://shorefire.
fayeh Pulu--bulu ee Poaceae Bambusa vulgaris Schrader ex Wendland Pulu--bulu betung Poaceae Gigantochloa levis Merr.
Specimens were collected on leaves of bamboo in several genera, Bambusa, Dendrocalamus, Sinocalamus, Neosinocalamus, and Phyllostachys (Huang et al.
Piperaceae Pipul Leaf, seed Bambusa bambos Poaceae Bash Meristem, (L.
9, 35, 1940 (accepted name: Bambusa remotiflora Kuntze, Rev.
Bambusa bambos (synonym Bambusa arundinacea) is used by Marma healers for treatment of rheumatic pain.
Specimens were collected on the leaves of several genera of bamboo, Bambusa (Yang &Yang 1986), Neosinocalamus and Ampelocalamus (this paper).
Properties of particleboard made from Bambusa vulgaris.
fibrous raw materials for papermaking are Bambusa arundinacea, Boswellia
1994): Effects of anatomical characteristics on the physical and mechanicl properties of Bambusa blumenana.
On undersides of mature leaves of bamboos (especially Arundinaria and Phyllostachys, but sometimes also Bambusa, Dendrocalamus, Pseudosasa and Sasa).
The initiative moved on with the use of Bambusa, which allows Chief Ins Blakeman to stream live from his smart phone on to Twitter where ongoing incidents are posted.
Abortifacient potentials of the aqueous extract of Bambusa vulgaris leaves in pregnant Dutch rabbits.