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edible young shoots of bamboo

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TOO MUCH JUNGLE JUICE: Mountain gorillas look the worse for wear after swigging down the alcoholic sap from fresh bamboo shoots and one of them, top left, seemed to be nursing a hangover the next day REX FEATURES
Other hazards included grenade traps and pits full of razor-sharp bamboo shoots.
95), a favorite fish of Thai kitchens, usually deep-fried, probably frozen, and here tried with a brown sauce, ginger, mushrooms and bamboo shoots, turns out to be merely passable.
The Sweet and Sour Chicken Wrap combines tender pieces of chicken with fresh carrots, green peppers, celery and bamboo shoots in a piquant sauce, neatly encased in a soft tortilla.
I'm not going to stick bamboo shoots under his fingernails.
Four more of their friends were also injured in the assault in Fuengirola by a gang armed with knives and bamboo shoots.
Ten courses include Chinese cold cuts, seafood soup, lobster with ginger and onion, General Tso's chicken, crispy duck, pork with bamboo shoots, Chinese greens and black mushrooms, whole fish in sweet and sour sauce, Yang chow fried rice, choice of dessert.
Pandas don't breed in any great numbers, spend all day eating bamboo shoots and, it would appear, kill any new additions to their group.
Ching Ching and Chia Chia, gifts to Britain from China, ate expensive bamboo shoots and needed a pounds 70,000 shelter.
Items in box: Though changed daily, this is a typical offering: Fried shrimp, butterfish or salmon, three kinds of sashimi, six vegetables (such as mushrooms, bamboo shoots, Japanese taro potato, Japanese pumpkin), grilled beef with teriyaki-style sauce, marinated seaweed.
He sat munching bamboo shoots in a forest just minutes after he was freed.
Although they mainly eat bamboo shoots they can get along on grass, berries and mice
You'll find tofu, chives, carrots, onions, bean sprouts, nori (seaweed), bamboo shoots and wood ear-type black mushrooms in the various ramen recipes.
BAMBOO-ZLED: Sheila enjoying some bamboo shoots at Belfast Zoo before her escape; BREAK OUT: Belfast Zoo
Many of the specialties, including the chef's special of lobster, chicken, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and snow peas ($14.