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And Pierrette is by no means the only story in Scenes de la vie de Province that involves the exploitation and commodification of young women; nor is it the only Balzacian plot that revolves around the human costs of reckless speculation.
In the mid-1880s, he daims, Balzac's influence has started to decline: while an abased version of the Balzacian fever of earlier decades subsists, it affects readers who are morally flawed or constitutionally vulnerable.
V Narayana, "Du Genie en Utopie: The Figure of the Engineer in Balzacian and Zolian Utopias"
The affluent style of her boudoir suggests Balzacian Plassy or even the Bois de Boulogne rather than the Faubourg Montmartre.
Indeed, wartime journals, with their Balzacian reach, seem to have supplanted the novel: Chesnut's many-mooded diary is a ease in point, as is young Baton Rouge native Sarah Morgan's and that of the ferocious record keeper George Templeton Strong.
Descartes' reference in Meditation VI to the doubts of the last few days as 'hyperbolic and ridiculous' is a Balzacian technical expression indicating that the doubts of Meditation I do not extend to the conduct of life and are thus not that serious after all.
The always perceptive Annette Insdorf has discovered such connections between these scenes in the two films (162), but she doesn't recognize the Balzacian image in Fahrenheit 451.
after some Balzacian political maneuvers a majority of the
His Balzacian novels, from The Green House to The Way to Paradise, recreate, in symphonic fashion, the multilayered world of modern-day Latin America.
Holman describes Wolfe's design for all his novels as on a Balzacian scale: "The scope of his ambitious plan--which was to be no less than the record of his nation and his people told through one representative man--merits in its magnitude comparison with the master projects of literary history, with those of Balzac, Zola, and Tolstoy" (111).
Z is the letter of mutilation: phonetically, Z stings like a chastising lash, an avenging insect; graphically, cast slantwise by the hand across the blank regularity of the page, amid the curves of the alphabet, like an oblique and illicit blade, it cuts, slashes, or, as we say in French, zebras; from a Balzacian viewpoint, this Z (which appears in Balzac's name) is the letter of deviation (see the story Z.
On the other hand, dames Baker, the alpha corporate lawyer and fix-it-guy who served as secretary of state under Bush Senior, Lawrence Walsh, the austere special prosecutor in the Iran-Contra affair, or Patricia Duff, the Balzacian beauty who married and divorced her way to Page Six prominence during the Clinton years, are not people whose next career moves most of us are hotly anticipating.
Now, one of these favorite arrangements, the one perhaps that most powerfully excites the Balzacian imagination, consists of opposing a single character .
Moreover, exploiting the Balzacian technique of personnages reparaissants, Tremblay has used individual characters in several plays and has extended the technique to his novels as well, so that theatre and fiction taken together have assumed almost epic proportions.
Certainly, the corollary aspiration for omnipotence that distinguishes the Balzacian character can be said to constitute the protagonist's third and final challenge when she refuses at the cost of her own life to acquiesce before a patriarchal and quite literally fascistic psychosocial order whose aggression against the world is propelled by a rage-filled unwillingness to forego precisely the fantasy of absolute satiation the protagonist defeated at the beginning of her trial by ordeal.