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However deliberately or intentionally, the two friends during these productive months appropriated many of each other's stylistic traits, which are detailed elsewhere (Mueller 1996), and their interlocutory sessions can obviously explain transmission of Balzacian "realism" to Melville.
In conclusion, it will discuss Bette's role in the novel beyond her personal frustrations, and the phenomenon of deviations of desire among Balzacian characters.
And the same story told by a Balzacian French writer would probably have made a book that no young person could read without injury.
It is Romanticism's depiction of the relationship between poet and reader that imbues this passage with its rhetoric, which, when Michelet comes to write L "Oiseau [The Bird] has undergone a sea change brought about at least in part by the revolutions of 1848 and by the very different thrusts and tactics of Balzacian and Flaubertian Realism.
Meriwether, he again taxed his former protege's novels but not the stories with lack of Balzacian design (Brodsky and Hamblin 216; cf.
It is the Balzacian recreation of a crepuscular society, the persistent ancien regime that is captured right at the moment of its definitive eclipse by a rising bourgeoisie.
Genette had already given an example of metalepsis in the second chapter ("Duration") when he refers to a typically Balzacian narrative pause in La Vieille Fille in which narrator and reader together "enter" the Cormon townhouse in order to gain a view of the scene:
Week 3: Germinal, Part II (explicate chapters 3 & 5) Metaphors of capital versus labor; reification of the workers; doubt, faith, will, and reasoning of the miners and capitalists in the face of the social, political, and economic issues confronting them; comparison with Balzac's realism and distinction between Zola's "morality in action" ("morale en action") and the Balzacian character's "stock exchange value on moral principles" ("morale en actions")
My immediate family was rude enough to suggest that placing my Balzacian figure on a ladder or on the roof was madness and folly.
They are rooted instead in a non-magical brand of realism almost Balzacian in scope.
It called on novelists to replace journalistic documentation and Balzacian realism with oblique emotional suggestion.
The title of his series Scenes de la vie telle qu'elle est was especially Balzacian, though as Anne-Marie Baron (2008: 17) observes, the dour realism of these films failed mostly to capture the public imagination.
And though it is clear that Balzac tends to fictionalize Brummell in word and deed, the Treatise truly stands as that point of departure for the Balzacian "science" of "elegantology.
The Balzacian hero who succeeds is dissatisfied because no person can be completely happy while a member of society.
10e Chambre, Instants d'audiences (Raymond Depardon) The French photographer turns the proceedings of a Paris courtroom into a Balzacian fresco; funny and flinch-making.