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French novelist

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Walmart Canada will also receive a GenFuel infrastructure to support the Balzac distribution center.
Ambriere's study is extensive as she studied all information related to the text from the conception of the subject to corrections by Balzac for a later publication, etc.
Flood warnings remained in place in several counties in eastern Colorado, and the South Platte River near the town of Balzac in Morgan County was at 11.
This limited-edition writing instrument with rhodium plating and a gold nib is dedicated to Honore de Balzac, the greatest among French literary artists.
On the eve of La 628's publication, Honore de Balzac had been dead (of hypertension, dropsy, and gangrene) for fifty-seven years, and his wife, Ewelina de Balzac (nee Hanska) for twenty-five.
Seasoned Balzac readers will recognize "civilization" as a code word for a society in which individuals, motivated chiefly by self-interest, approach one another as potential adversaries or objects to exploit.
LIKE many early nineteenth century French novelists, Honore de Balzac is a difficult writer to classify.
A few galleries later the viewer encounters Rodin's Balzac, Robe de chambre, I 897, a fragile life-size plaster cast of the writer's dressing gown made shortly before the completion of the sculptor's Monument a Balzac.
Among the restaurants demonstrating their fayre were Balzac, Bon Appetit and the Chapter One.
Zweig chose Balzac, Dickens, and Dostoevsky for his studies because the first drew from society for his subject matter, the second from the family, and their third from what Zweig described as 'of the One and of the All'.
This virtual sculpture, PET Study 2 (Lung Cancer): Man Ray/Picabia Imitating Balzac, is modeled on a photograph of painter Francis Picabia taken by Man Ray, In the original photograph, Picabia is believed to be mimicking the posture of Auguste Rodin's sculpture Monument to Balzac (1897-98).
Modelled out of the earth itself, the faces of Baudelaire, Clemenceau and Balzac appear alongside the faces of the bourgeoisie of the end of the 19th century.
An excellent example of this perplexity can be found in the few scholarly readings of Pierrette by Honore de Balzac, part of the trilogy comprising Les celibataires, and among the darkest tales of La comedie humaine.
Both hierarchical and dynamic, this relationship sometimes provoked frustration in writers but also allowed for a creative dynamism, an ambivalence that is illustrated by case studies of Guez de Balzac and the Abbe de Boisrobert.
Although Melville never mentions French novelist Honore de Balzac in the documentation we possess from the 1850s or earlier, Balzac was a good candidate for literary borrowing.