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French novelist

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Is it really harmful then that Puzo and Balzac made it into a dissenting note?
Honore de Balzac may after all be right when he had said that behind every great fortune for which one is at a loss to account there is a crime.
Elise Pioch Balzac, Founder of Maison Balzac, reflects back on this collaboration: The MCA has always been my point of reference in terms of contemporary art, especially because their curation is so ahead of its time.
De 1830 a 1850, ano de su muerte, Balzac escribio las 87 obras que forman la comedia y siete que no aparecian en su proyecto original.
Essa tripla modificacao e inseparavel, por sua vez, de outro nome proprio: Honore de Balzac.
It is in this context that I review Madeleine Ambriere 1968 Balzac et la Recherche de l'Absolu which was republished to much acclaim in 1999 and Niklas Bender's 2010 La Lutte des paradigmes.
Balzac, Grandville, and the Rise of Book Illustration.
de Balzac, a directory of the thousands of characters that populate Balzac's fiction.
Balzac reinforces the connection between revolution and the dissolution of the family by adapting a particular character type that appears frequently in the provincial novels: a young girl exploited either by her family or by bourgeois society.
On the eve of La 628's publication, Honore de Balzac had been dead (of hypertension, dropsy, and gangrene) for fifty-seven years, and his wife, Ewelina de Balzac (nee Hanska) for twenty-five.
offers an analysis of how changes in literary production, especially the mass production of popular printed ephemera, affected the writing of Balzac and the art of J.
IN December 1921, the French publication Cinemagazine surveyed those texts by Honore de Balzac that had been adapted for the screen.
Balzac compartia con el pensamiento oriental la creencia en que la energia sexual y la creativa son una y la misma.
En sus 51 anos de vida prolifica, Honore de Balzac escribio alrededor de 95 novelas--ademas de innumerables cartas y articulos periodisticos--, la mayor parte de las cuales reciben el nombre colectivo de La comedia humana.
This virtual sculpture, PET Study 2 (Lung Cancer): Man Ray/Picabia Imitating Balzac, is modeled on a photograph of painter Francis Picabia taken by Man Ray, In the original photograph, Picabia is believed to be mimicking the posture of Auguste Rodin's sculpture Monument to Balzac (1897-98).