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an aerial half a wavelength long consisting of two rods connected to a transmission line at the center

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A number of years in gestation, Balun Canan takes the kernel that was the story and develops it into a multi-faceted narrative that deals more completely with questions of lack of communication between spouses and between races; socio-political repercussions from the Cardenista efforts to effect agrarian and educational change for the indigenous population; autobiographical references to the author's internal struggles; a more complex consideration of social and racial hierarchies; a heightened presence of the indigenous and, especially important for future development, a focus on oral and written communication or the power of words.
The golden ticket is always a well-prepared resume It should be two pages, max, and it needs to be done in a format that's simple," says Balun.
Along with the new balun series, Patton recently declared their ultra-popular Model 460F (Dual-E1 Balun) and Model 460RC/16/F (16-Port Dual-E1 Modular Balun Rack) to be RoHS compliant.
The incredibly dynamic KD-CATHD500 balun kit, "Oallows Key Digital[R] to create a new category in the HDMI Balun arena with the industries first long range Digital Smart Balun.
Transmits 1080p/60Hz resolution up to 140 ft, 1080p/24, 1080i, 720p and 480i/p resolutions up to 270 ft, when used with KD-BBRX receiver Baluns
The Lynx Video Network uses a video balun to deliver broadband video on pair 4 of a Category 5, 5e or 6 cable.
The VideoEase VGA Balun allows normally bulky and costly VGA cable to be replaced by four-pair CAT 5 twisted pair cable.
Amplifier-01No,(Iv)Utp Balun (1Set For Each Camera),(V)Video/Data+Power Cable+Pvc C/Pipe(9500M Approx),(Vi)32"Lcd Displayunit-02Nos.
Offering more stability and repeatable electrical performance, Anaren's inverted balun structure offers an attractive alternative to wire-wound baluns traditionally used in interfacing to the differential inputs of high speed frequency converters.
THE COMPACT BALUN product Slimline 3270 Coax Balun offers a lifetime warranty.
ADI's single- and dual-channel RF mixers are first in industry to incorporate wideband LO amplifier, programmable RF balun and IF filter, and IF amplifier to support wideband operation for wireless infrastructure and software-defined radio applications.
STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, has announced that SenseAnywhere, a leader in tags and modules for wireless sensing and location, has qualified the world s first wireless devices incorporating ST s new single-chip balun, which integrates essential circuitry for radio systems in a footprint of only 2.
Like the use of Anaren's "0404" balun in conjunction with TI's CC2420 and CC2430 Anaren's "0404" achieves the same significant space-savings and performance improvements over the traditional lumped element implementations with the CC2500
NHC Communications/MuxLab has designed the VideoEase PTZ Balun to reduce the ex pense of coaxial cable installations by replacing the conventional RG75 coax with inexpensive unshielded twisted pair (UTP) wiring used for telephone and network wiring.
The TMDS (Transition Minimized Differential Signaling) "eye" can close due to data jitter introduced by an HDMI cable or CAT5 extender/ Balun.