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an Iranian language spoken in Pakistan and Iran and Afghanistan and Russia and the Persian gulf


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But matters take on a different dimension for mainly Shiite Iran since the Baluchis are, alongside the Kurds, one of the country's two main Sunni minorities.
When combined with the 2 percent who are Baluchis, 7 percent Kurds, and 3 percent Arabs, Iran has a significant ethnic problem along its borders.
Jundallah insists it is fighting for the rights of the Sunni ethnic Baluchi population of southeastern Sistan-Baluchestan province, in the face of Shia rule from Tehran.
The group says it has been fighting for nearly a decade to secure rights for Sunni Baluchis who form a significant proportion of the population in the province.
Project sponsors could get the Baluchis to buy in through offers of employment, cheap fuel and water supply for Baluchi settlements along the pipeline route.
But there are also Tajiks, Uzbeks, Turkomen, Hazaras, Baluchis and Nuristanis.
The dissidents have frequently engaged in bombings and other terror attacks, but there is no well-organized movement as there is among Baluchis and Kurds.
Abdul-Hamid, like others I spoke to, felt the notion of a Sunni insurgency was being overplayed in Tehran and said most Baluchis from Iran who had fought the Russians in Afghanistan had subsequently returned to a quiet life.
Jundallah says it is fighting Tehran's Shia government to secure rights for Sunni Baluchis who form a significant population in the eastern Sistan-Baluchestan province.
The province is home to Shiite-dominated Iran's mostly Sunni ethnic Baluchis.
Baluchis in the region complain of discriminatory and repressive policies by the Tehran government.
The Baluchis are non-Farsi speaking Sunnis, so the feud takes on both ethnic and religious aspects.
However, he underlined the need for addressing basic issues of the Baluchis prior to the summoning of the APC.
But Alavi failed to make clear if the conspirators were foreigners or Iranian citizens from one of the Sunni minority groups that have spawned bands opposed to the Islamic Republic, including Baluchis, Arabs and Kurds.
The BLA, fighting for a separate homeland for the Baluchis in Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan, has claimed responsibility for several acts of sabotage against foreign and Pakistani companies engaging in development activities in Baluchistan province during recent years.