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an Iranian language spoken in Pakistan and Iran and Afghanistan and Russia and the Persian gulf


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In his address, Baloch leader and activist Mehran Baluch stated that Pakistan is committing serious human rights violations in Balochistan, and through its policies, is changing the character of the secular Baloch into religious extremists.
Salah Mohammed Aladad Baluch had previously told his father that he wished he had died instead of two Pakistani policemen, who were murdered by anti-government protesters during the height of Bahrain's unrest.
The ethnic Baluch resistance movement has been fighting government forces, demanding more autonomy and greater share of wealth gained from the natural resources of their province.
Moreover, this award represents our commitment in upholding the association's vision, which is to become the collective voice of the UAE's freight forwarding and logistics industries that sets the benchmark for best practices within the region, as well as on the global logistics arena," Baluch added.
Khair Mohammad Gumshadzai, a Baluch writer in Nimroz, said there had been efforts over the past two years to translate the curriculum into Baluchi.
Akbar Bugti was viewed as a veteran Baluch nationalist and was often accused by the army of aiming for an independent Baluchistan.
Jundollah says it is defending the rights of the Baluch people, an ethnic minority group that it says face "genocide.
In October, Amnesty International called on Pakistan to investigate the alleged torture and killing of more than 40 Baluch political leaders and activists against a backdrop of Pakistani military activities in the province.
Several armed groups opposed to the government are active in Iran, mostly made up of ethnic Kurds in the northwest, Baluch in the southeast and Arabs in the southwest.
Just days after Rigi was arrested, the group said it had appointed Muhammad Dhahir Baluch as its new leader.
Dr Suhail Baluch told two patients that Tarceva - a treatment for lung and pancreatic cancer - was only available privately.
No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, but most of the violence in the past has been blamed on Baluch separatists waging a decades-long low-level insurgency in Baluchistan, Pakistan's biggest and poorest province.
A local politician, Ayub Baluch, said the impact of the electric shock was so high that Shaikh did not just get electrocuted but the current threw him off the second- floor balcony and he fell on the ground floor.
But the talks failed because the government pursued a policy of procrastination in responding to the nationalist and doctrinal demands of the Baluch population in the southeastern province of Baluchistan, it added.
Mullah Mansur was known to have strong links to insurgent commanders from the Baluch tribe in the south and acted as the link between the insurgency in the south and central Helmand.