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Most of the papers presented in this volume were heard at the Third International Workshop on Balto-Slavic Accentology, held at Leiden U.
The rise of constricted vowels before glottalic stops (j2) has a perfect analogue in Balto-Slavic (3), which is known as "Winter's law".
But the language tree also revealed evidence of a period of rapid divergence giving rise to Italic, Celtic, Balto-Slavic and possibly Indo-Iranian languages at about the time of the Kurgan expansion.
The Balto-Slavic word has mobile accentuation, which at first sight is difficult to reconcile with the laryngeal in the root, necessary to account for the long i in Skt.
It is interesting to note, in fact, that the practice of writing can be ascribed to the common period (as uncontroversially documented by the pan-dialectal diffusion of the root pei-k/pei-g ("to write, to paint, to decorate") in Indo-Iranian, Tocharian, Balto-Slavic, Greek, Latin, and Germanic languages.
Also, Balto-Slavic zg = Celtic dhg points to a similar voicing to [z] before voiced velar.