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the largest city in Maryland

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Former Baltimore Sun reporter Antero Pietila, author of the Baltimore history Not in My Neighborhood: How Bigotry Shaped a Great American City, said age-old effects from discriminatory municipal and lending policies might have exacerbated decline for many black Baltimoreans.
People came from all over the country to consult him, accompanied by their attendant physicians, surgeons, spiritual advisors, and nurses; and no Baltimorean of position felt it decent to surrender his appendix without first seeking the advice of the great diagnostician.
Eddie, who casually applies the language of the sacred to a professional football game, may provide a somewhat extreme example of pro sports random; but it is certain that many other Baltimoreans would have shared Eddie's excitement at the first major league professional sports championship game to be played in Baltimore in the modern era.
Indeed, for other middle-class Baltimoreans who joined the crusades for racial segregation ordinances, Grasty's papers must have been the most widely read analysis of race relations on a global scale.
Baltimoreans must spend more time on the elliptical trainer than at work to undo the health harm inflicted by a Starbucks' venti whole milk cappuccino with 10 g of fat.
The survey reveals that Baltimoreans have concerns about quality of life: The social scene is wanting, public schools are lacking, and job opportunities are in short supply.
The chief value of the book for serious students of Jewish history is its many small observations on daily Jewish life and the inclusion of a few words from some Baltimoreans that provide a bright flash of insight into that bygone world.
The RFPs included the requirement of monthly and quarterly reports, which made the ground appear well-suited for citizen-monitoring of the manner in which the local welfare agency and its contractual agents would manage the public fiscal and community stake in moving Baltimoreans from TANF checks to pay checks.
Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development (BUILD), a faith-based organizing network in Baltimore, won the first municipal living wage ordinance in the country in 1994.
One group, Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development (BUILD), whose programs focus on those who work full-time and still earn less than the poverty level, recently won a precedent-setting victory.
When LeJeune speaks to Baltimoreans about Mondawmin, he says, "There's this nostalgia about the place.
Baltimoreans are seeing their city through a different lens -- thanks to the Youthlight Photography Project.
The hotel, now joined with the upscale Wyndham Grand Collection, is a premier destination for conferences and meeting groups, business travelers and Baltimoreans seeking unforgettable experiences.
The expansion of jobs, most notably the shipyards, however, attracted large numbers of migrants from the countryside who competed with native Baltimoreans for jobs and housing.
Survey results indicate that Baltimoreans are generally content with their earnings potential, cost of living, and housing prices.