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Synonyms for Baltic

a sea in northern Europe

a branch of the Indo-European family of languages related to the Slavonic languages

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The Atlantic Council published a collection of policy papers "Nordic - Baltic Security in the 21st Century" in September 2011.
To celebrate the North-East's Baltic connection, Baltics and Beyond are offering Culture Club members a 10% discount on holidays booked within the next four weeks.
Western governments shied away from providing weaponry to the Baltics largely to avoid offending Russia.
Slow improvement between Russia and the Baltic states is evident, but many remaining problems could turn to flashpoints if Russian ultranationalists come to power.
Mayors Schlenker and Thornton joined some 300 municipal officials from the Baltic republics of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and another dozen resource persons from the U.
In Baltic countries, electricity is sometimes unavailable and is often unreliable," said Feinstein.
Old men in Moscow, and to an extent in Washington, would decide whether these boy soldiers and the determined young patriots who face them across the squares and plazas of the Baltics would kill each other.
This report provides comprehensive information on Baltic Markets' future perspectives.
Although the Nordic-Baltic Battalion is effective in conducting peace operations, it is not designed to assume a defense mission in the Baltics, and in that role it is militarily useless.
Baltic banking markets are highly concentrated if compared to other CEE markets.
At midday, at Gediminas Castle in the heart of Vilnius, where 20 years ago the human chain that united the three Baltic nations started, the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian prime ministers - Andrius Kubilius, Valdis Dombrovskis and Andrus Ansip--signed a joint declaration.
BPE"), a private equity firm specializing in pursuing investments in businesses throughout the Baltic region, including Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.
SEB's lending to the Baltics amounts to 13 percent of SEB's total outstanding loans.
SolidWorks Corporation today announced that institutions of higher education in the Baltic region have overwhelmingly adopted SolidWorks(R) as their premier 3D mechanical design software.
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