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a branch of the Indo-European family of languages related to the Slavonic languages

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Estonian and Livonian act like Russian and Baltic languages when expressing class-inclusion--they use the same case in the static and dynamic functions.
This feature makes Estonian similar to Russian and the Baltic languages and distinguishes it from Finnish.
Network Communications' success as a specialty vendor of the Scandinavian and Baltic languages made them the right partner for ALPNET to take over our production capability," said Charles Noall, VP of Worldwide Operations of ALPNET.
The same phenomenon occurs in Livonian, for example, ta lu'ggiji 'he is said to read', and in the Baltic languages, for example, Standard Latvian: vins lasot 'he is said to read'; Standard Lithuanian: Jis daug dirbas 'He is said to work a lot'.
The evidentiality systems of Estonian, as well as Livonian and the Baltic languages, were discussed at the seminar "Indirect Mode of Reporting--a Specific Feature of the Baltic Areal?
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