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a sea in northern Europe

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She examines nature writing, landscape paintings, nature photography, and films representing travels to the Pacific Islands and New Zealand, Latin America, the Baltic coast, the American West, the Caribbean, the Amazon, and other locales by Georg Forster, Alexander von Humboldt, Caspar David Friedrich, Albert Bierstadt, Leni Riefenstahl, and Werner Herzog, to illustrate the emergence of the modern German environmental imagination.
Home to some of the oldest red brick churches in Europe, holidaymakers and visitors to the Baltic coast destination will find a thriving city packed with an assortment of sights, offering a wealth of culture and history.
Meanwhile, in Szczecin, on the Baltic coast, the NATO Multinational Corps Northeast held a ceremony to open the procedure of raising its status from low- to high-reaction readiness as it is preparing to command NATO's new rapid reaction force, the so-called spearhead.
A charming and historic port on the Baltic coast, Gdansk is an ideal city break destination, and also a gateway to the nearby spa and beach town of Sopot.
A few days earlier, a Russian Ilyushin IL-20 spy plane which took off from the Russian Baltic coast enclave of Kaliningrad briefly crossed into Estonian airspace, all part of a pattern of increased testing of Nato's eastern flank.
The Nord Stream starts from Vyborg on Russia's Baltic coast and leads gas directly into Germany, going around a number of countries including the Baltics, Ukraine, Belarus and Poland as transit destinations.
Washington, Jan 31 ( ANI ): Images of the mysterious ocean circles off the Baltic coast of Denmark have left people baffled since 2008.
The topics include the integration of secondary states in the World System of the Eastern Mediterranean and Near East in the Late Bronze Age 6000-1200 BC, evidence from the "Serraglio" on Kos for Minoans in the southeastern Aegean, a comparative perspective on indigenous political dynamics and identity in Etruria and Latium vetus, long and close distance trade and exchange beyond the Baltic Coast during the Early Iron Age, and ceramic technology and the materiality of Celtic graphitic pottery.
The chancellor was set to make one final public appearance Saturday afternoon in her own constituency, speaking to a crowd at Stralsund on the Baltic coast, before the campaign ends.
The resort of Travemunde on the coast of the Baltic Sea has many attractions, including the oldest lighthouses on the German Baltic coast, dating from 1539 and the Flying P-Liner Passat, a museum ship anchored in the mouth of the Trave river, as well as a lovely beach with traditional wicker beach chairs, pictured.
Wasting no time, Merkel flew to the Baltic coast on May 2,2011 to inaugurate the country's first offshore wind farm.
In particular the Dead Sea, the Mediterranean basin, the Black Sea (Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia), Ocean coast (France, Brazil) and the North Sea and Baltic coast (Germany, Estonia) have become more prominent in thalassotherapy.
Rapid colonization of the Polish Baltic coast by an Atlantic palaemonid shrimp Palaemon elegans Rathke, 1837.
OPAL (Ostsee Pipeline Anbindungs Leitung, or Baltic Connector Pipeline) starts from the maritime Nord Stream's landfall point, at Lubmin near Greifswald on the Baltic coast.
The sudden jump in radioactivity levels was enough to prompt a full-scale alert in Sweden, which initially believed the accident had happened at its own nuclear power station, on the Baltic coast.
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