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a sea in northern Europe

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The chancellor was set to make one final public appearance Saturday afternoon in her own constituency, speaking to a crowd at Stralsund on the Baltic coast, before the campaign ends.
Now is the time to reach every undecided voter and get their support," she told supporters in Berlin, before flying to her Baltic coast constituency for a final campaign stop.
Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden and lies on the country's Baltic coast.
The resort of Travemunde on the coast of the Baltic Sea has many attractions, including the oldest lighthouses on the German Baltic coast, dating from 1539 and the Flying P-Liner Passat, a museum ship anchored in the mouth of the Trave river, as well as a lovely beach with traditional wicker beach chairs, pictured.
Wasting no time, Merkel flew to the Baltic coast on May 2,2011 to inaugurate the country's first offshore wind farm.
Only the Republic of Ireland, based in Sopot on the Baltic coast, will have a huge travelling support, with around 7,000 fans expected, many opting to camp in seaside resorts.
The sudden jump in radioactivity levels was enough to prompt a full-scale alert in Sweden, which initially believed the accident had happened at its own nuclear power station, on the Baltic coast.
It has been exporting cable products from Poland into Western Europe, but more recently has focused on significant investments in EHV power cable and a new submarine power cable operation in Szczecin (Stettin) on the Baltic coast.
The striving being embodied in a sprawled-out state-of-the-art spa facility and an ethnographic village nearby, which is thought to be the largest of this kind of wellness complex in the entire Baltic region, catches Palanga off-guard, a resort on the Baltic coast, which has been mulling over building new spas for a long time.
Development of a modelling methodology for simulation of long-term morphological evolution of the southern Baltic coast.
But the Baltic coast side have not played at home to any of the current top four teams and their confidence may be suffering after a four-match winless streak which seen them fail to score a single goal.
The Baltic coast is wild and rugged with fjords and archipelagos populated by hale Viking types in Norwegian fisherman's jumpers - oh, and some really sophisticated European capital cities.
The CDU's score was its worst in the state on the Baltic coast but it could still end up as junior coalition partners to the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany's poorest state.
The Lubmin plant on the Baltic coast was home to five of East Germany s six nuclear reactors and supplied 10 percent of the communist country s electricity when it was taken off the grid in 1990 following German reunification.
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