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a sea in northern Europe

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This step change in big ship "calling" cruises will require extensive joint marketing of the Celtic Sea as an alternative to the Baltic Sea.
For example, in the first 11 months of 2011, 12 percent of Estonia's exports went to Baltic countries and 37 percent to Nordic countries, and exports to the Baltic Sea region as a whole, including Russia, Norway and Iceland, totaled 66 percent.
Some of the habitats documented by Oceana have not been described in the Baltic Sea before such as sponge aggregations and special types of coral gardens in the Kattegat and in the Sound.
Several studies have highlighted rapid erosion events at certain locations of the Baltic Sea in the recent past [7-9].
Recent studies have revealed several intriguing patterns of the long-term behaviour of the Baltic Sea wave fields.
Over the last century, the nine countries which border the Baltic Sea - a stretch of semi-enclosed body of water in Northern Europe - have poured tons of toxins, dioxins and various pollutants into the sea and watched as an environmental catastrophe unfolded.
Cllr Clucas said: There is a lot that we can learn from the Baltic Sea region.
Biological invasions seem to be of great significance especially for benthic invertebrate communities as among 109 nonnative species of the Baltic Sea more than 40% are benthic invertebrates (Baltic Sea Alien Species Database, http://www.
The main idea of organizing the 5th Conference DAAAM Baltic was to give for active scientists of the Baltic Sea region an opportunity to introduce their works and to find partners in research.
Since 1992 the Finnish Institute of Marine Research has used long-range passenger ferries (including the GTS Finnjet, one of the largest ferries in the world) to measure water quality indicators and to sample phytoplankton in the Baltic Sea between Helsinki and Travemunde, Germany.
Environmentally, the Oresund scheme presented problems because obstructions in the Danish straits can damage the fragile ecosystem of the Baltic sea.
Between the eleventh and the fourteenth centuries, a culture that first began in Frankish Europe, spread out from a base of France, Northern Italy and Western Germany, and systematically conquered and (re)settled regions from Southwest Spain and Mediterranean islands to the Dead Sea rift, from the Irish valleys and the Norse fjords to the Eastern reaches of the Baltic Sea.
As per the European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, the pipeline that links Poland and Lithuania will end the isolation of the Baltic Sea province.
The Baltic country is home to numerous UNESCO heritage locations, including the Curonian Spit C named one of the best places to see before you die C a narrow strip of sand along the Baltic Sea with sand dunes that features rare flora and fauna and a forest with centuries-old pine trees.
Since the 1990s a large number of species originating mainly from the freshwater and estuarine margins of the Ponto-Caspian region have invaded and formed permanent populations in the northern Baltic Sea (Kotta & Kotta, 1998, 2010; Kotta et al.
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