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European countries bordering the Baltic Sea

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In the late 1980s, Latvia, a tiny republic in the northwest corner of the former Soviet Union (USSR), seeing a window of opportunity provided by the policy of glasnost, instability inside the USSR, and political upheaval within the Warsaw Pact countries, became one of the key agitators among the Soviet republics to demand independence from Moscow--a view shared by several Baltic specialists (1) This paved the way for the emergence of independence movements in its fellow Baltic republics, Estonia and Lithuania, the latter of which took the lead in seeking to break free from Soviet rule.
His comments do suggest that I may have failed to articulately present my views regarding the role that Russian objections should play in the decision on whether the Baltic republics should be admitted to NATO.
A group of residents in Hokkaido has created and is selling a CD featuring musicians in the Baltic republic of Latvia to fund the production of a Japanese-Latvian dictionary.
PARIS, May 9 (KUNA) -- The Baltic Republic of Estonia has been admitted as the 29th member of the International Energy Agency (IEA), the powerful energy consumers group that seeks to ensure supply security in the industrialised nations and promotes energy-use innovation.
Known as E-stonia, the tiny ex-Soviet Baltic republic of 1.
The move adds to a series of disputes which have strained ties between the tiny Baltic republic and Poland .
The delay will facilitate a Lithuanian solicitor due to give evidence as part of defence claims he will not receive a fair trial in the Baltic republic.
The appointment marks the re-establishment of almost forgotten links between Wales and the Baltic republic.
And in Vilnius, Lithuania, a laboratory confirmed that traces of anthrax were found in at least one mailbag used by the US Embassy in the former Soviet Baltic republic, marking the first such case in Europe.
But is the defense of Euro-American security the goal sought by the United States in supporting NATO enlargement, and does Baltic republic membership in NATO help achieve that end?
AN accountant wanted over the alleged theft of pounds 30,000 from a school's funds yesterday lost her appeal against being extradited back to the Baltic republic.
Latvia, a tiny Baltic republic annexed by Joseph Stalin in June 1940 during his pact with Adolf Hitler, was set free at the end of the Cold War.
A DELEGATION from the Baltic republic of Latvia is to visit Liverpool next month to forge links with the city.
Konrad Kalejs could be forced to leave Australia and return to the Baltic republic following the conclusion of an extradition treaty between the two countries.
Another favorable environmental factor to induce the FDI inflow to the Baltic republic is the well developed networking infrastructure available to provide on-the-ground relationship support to the international businesses.