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(New Testament) one of the three sages from the east who came bearing gifts for the infant Jesus

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Graham Harrison (San Francisco: Ignatius, 1993) 35 [G 32]; Epilogue 73-14 [G 56]; Balthasar, Dare We Hope 209-10 [G 57-58]; and Gerard O'Hanlon, The Immutability of God in the Theology of Hans Urs von Balthasar (New York: Cambridge University, 2007) 160-61.
As Forte indicates in his chapter on Balthasar titled "The Glory of Beauty," it is the great merit of Balthasar's theological aesthetics to have called attention to the contemporary urgency of recovering a theological understanding of beauty.
1) Von Balthasar read little American literature, and his masterpiece was only partially published during O'Connor's lifetime and only translated into English long after her death.
In this essay, I will explicate Peguy's indictment against the doctrine of hell and damnation, illustrate his paradoxical strategy of using the warrior Jeanne d'Arc as an advocate in the struggle against the expectation of a wrathful divine judgment, and, with help from Roman Catholic theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar (1905-1988), offer a concluding commentary on how critics and theologians can appropriate Peguy's eschatological alternative in an age in which religious eschatologies have been linked to politically motivated violence and indifference to social injustice.
What is here called an 'aesthetic'," writes Balthasar, "is therefore characterized as something properly theological, namely, as the reception, perceived with the eyes of faith, of the self-interpreting glory of the sovereignly free love of God.
Methodologically, Grenz and Balthasar had similar approaches.
Mary (Tatiana Maslany) and Joseph (Andrew Buchan) and, inset, in the stable with the Three Wise Men, Melchior (Jack Shepherd), Balthasar (Peter Capaldi) and Gaspar (Obi Abili)
In his 1951 study of Barth, Hans Urs yon Balthasar traced a development from dialectics (Epistle to the Romans) to analogy (Church Dogmatics), resulting in a "mature" Barth more open to Roman Catholicism than ever before.
Hans Urs von Balthasar counters that the crucifixion is the form of the beautiful, because we see in it the depth of suffering love and that it is precisely such suffering love that is not only beautiful for the Christian but decisive.
Here is a Catholic Archbishop and member of the International Theological Commission of the Holy See whose thinking is informed not only by Augustine, Aquinas and von Balthasar, but also by Kierkegaard, Dostoevsky and Evdokimov--indeed the footnotes indicate that he has a book-length study of doing theology after Kierkegaard to his credit.
However, Elliott finally struck with Prince Balthasar in the 3m1/2f handicap hurdle.
Again Cardinal Ratzinger preached the sermon at the Mass preceding the election, and Weigel described it as classic Cardinal Ratzinger--richly biblical, emphasizing God's mercy and the importance of friendship with Christ, deftly drawing on theologians like Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Hans Urs von Balthasar, calling his brother-cardinals to a "holy restlessness," a restlessness to bring everyone the gift of faith.
Hans Urs von Balthasar & Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
Rhodes the hamster has a new home lined up for him, Balthasar the cross mastiff was returned to his previous owner.