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Spanish democracy and the crimes of Francoism; from the pact of silence to the trial of Baltasar Garzon.
The movie, written by Blake Masters (Law & Order) and directed by Baltasar Kormakur (Contraband), is already in production and has a budget of $84m.
Originally published in 1978, four years before Saramago hit the world stage with Baltasar and Blimunda, we can already find the author's distinctive ability to balance incisive statements with imaginative digressions.
Il est dans un etat d'esprit "combatif", avait souligne quelques minutes avant son avocat, l'ancien juge espagnol Baltasar Garzon, qu'il a charge d'ailleurs de "mener une action en justice" pour proteger "ses droits, ceux de WikiLeaks et ceux de toutes les personnes qui font l'objet d'une enquete", a indique M.
ATTACK Assange slammed America in speech VIGIL Z Supporter TALKS Inside embassy with lawyer Baltasar Garzon BACKING Pro-Assange demonstrators outside
Earlier, his legal adviser Baltasar Garzon said Mr Assange had instructed his lawyers "to carry out a legal action" to protect his rights.
MADRyD (CyHAN)- Spanish ex-judge Baltasar Garzon will head the defense team of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, Ecuadorian media reported.
This paper discusses two recent examples of this political trend: the far-reaching reaction to Judge Baltasar Garzon's legal decision not to apply the 1977 Spanish Amnesty Law to crimes against humanity committed during the Franco regime, and the recent International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruling on state immunity according to which a state is immune from jurisdiction before foreign national courts, even in cases involving civil responsibility for international crimes.
MADRID, Feb 9 (KUNA) -- A Spanish court found on Thursday judge Baltasar Garzon guilty of overstepping his constitutional jurisdiction in a domestic corruption probes, thus ruling that he be suspended from the bench for 11 years.
INHALE (Cert 15, 79 mins) A COUPLE become embroiled in a race against time to save their daughter's life in Baltasar Kormakur's tense thriller.
The Hrant Dink Foundation honored anti-militarist NGO "Vicdani Retciler Hareketi", an NGO that opposes to military service, and Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon Real, who investigates the most important criminal cases in Spain, including terrorism, organised crimes and money laundering, at the Second International Hrant Dink Award in Istanbul on September 15, the birthday of slain journalist Hrant Dink.
The decision was made unanimously by a judicial board after an emergency meeting at which the only topic was the judge, Baltasar Garzon.
With simple wisdom broken down into quick, easily digestible chunks, Baltasar Gracian Morales gives readers a solid compendium of knowledge and leaves readers wiser having read the book.
In February, Judge Baltasar Garzon barred the two parties, Democracy Three Million (D3M) and Askatasuna, from engaging in political activities for at least three years over their links to ETA and its outlawed political wing Batasuna.
Eva Baltasar was born in Barcelona in 1978 and now lives in