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Synonyms for balsa

strong lightweight wood of the balsa tree used especially for floats

forest tree of lowland Central America having a strong very light wood

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The amate movement built on age-old Nahua practices, but it became a connecting force for people of the Rio Balsas and beyond: a bridge between the Nahua and the wider world, with patrons and collectors in Mexico, the United States, Europe, and Japan seeking out the painters and their work.
The painters of the Alto Balsas have taken up this tradition using amate paper--the same material that was used for the codices.
La expedicion las balsas was battered by frightful cyclonic storms in the western Pacific, losing one raft at sea, yet all twelve sea dogs made it to Australia in exactly six months.
They felled balsa trees in Ecuador and assembled a log raft forty feet long in Callao, Peru.
Thus far, he says, it appears that the hundreds of maize varieties existing today may trace back to a single race of teosinte growing in the lowlands that drain western Mexico's Balsas River.
Whereas corn sets its seed kernels on cobs, seeds of Balsas teosinte grow in two brittle, cobless rows within an enclosed husk.