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Synonyms for Balsaminaceae

distinguished from the family Geraniaceae by the irregular flowers

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Other minor threats are those resulting from visitors on foot, bicycles, or in horse-drawn carriages, and the proliferation of introduced plants such as the Balsaminaceae Impatiens parviflora, originally from central Asia.
Other examples of taxa that have a parietal tapetum but lack orbicules are found in Brassicaceae and Balsaminaceae.
16 Asteraece Verbesina arborea Kunth Arbol 17 Balsaminaceae Impatiens balsamina L.
Gregory (mani forrajero) Impatiens balsamina Balsaminaceae L.
X 2004 Si I Balsaminaceae Impatiens balfourii Hook.
milkweed Asclepias Green milkweed Clinebell II viridis Walter 2003 Asteraceae Taraxacum Common Norden 1984 officinale dandelion Wiggers Balsaminaceae Impatiens Jewelweed Norden 1984 pallida Nutt.
17 Stevia puberula Hooker 18 BALSAMINACEAE Impatiens valleriana Hooker f.
Impatiens balfourii Balsaminaceae Eurasia Hooker fil.
some Papaveraceae, Ranunculaceae, Geraniaceae, Tropaeolaceae, Balsaminaceae, Acanthaceae, Veronicaceae, Campanulaceae, Goodeniaceae, Orchidaceae) (Jabbour et al.
Impatiens capensis is a common, North American plant in the family Balsaminaceae.