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Synonyms for Balsaminaceae

distinguished from the family Geraniaceae by the irregular flowers

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Balsaminaceae, Tetrameristaceae, Pellicieraceae and general conclusions.
Asteraceae species are habitually cited as the host-plant of Uroleucon, but 9 species were described on Campanulaceae species, and another 10 species were described on species belonging to Balsaminaceae, Convolvulaceae, Lamiaceae, Malvaceae, Onagraceae, Polygonaceae, and Scrophulariaceae.
some Papaveraceae, Ranunculaceae, Geraniaceae, Tropaeolaceae, Balsaminaceae, Acanthaceae, Veronicaceae, Campanulaceae, Goodeniaceae, Orchidaceae) (Jabbour et al.
1/3 9 Balanophoraceae, Santalales Balanophora L 1/1 19 Balsaminaceae, Asterids Impatiens L.
2005) analyses is composed of two sister clades, one includes Marcgraviaceae, Balsaminaceae, Tetramerista and Pelliciera, the "balsaminoid" clade, and the other one includes the rest of the Ericales.