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a large pan that is filled with hot water

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inquam 'ego enim si videro balneum, statim expirabo', e il frater risponde 'et dum illi balneum petunt, nos in turba exeamus', ma dopo che la speranza di fuggire e stata frustrata, essi pregano l'atriensis, in stile indiretto, che li porti in bagno: ultro ergo rogavimus ut nos ad balneum duceret (73.
His consultant Dr Eileen Taylor prescribed balneum oil and potassium permanganate which did help.
Product launches included the Balneum range in Thailand, Aknemycin Plus in the UK and Balneum Intensive in Portugal.
A Keep the skin moist and supple by using a bath oil such as Balneum or Oilatum and regularly rub on a good moisturiser.
Boots Healthcare International develops and markets innovative products and differentiated consumer brands including Nurofen (analgesic sector), Strepsils (URT sector) and E45, Lutsine, Onagrine and Balneum (Skincare sector) and these brands are sold in over 130 countries.