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Champion ballroom dancers Kristina Rihanoff and Robin Windsor are best known for their TV routines with celebrity partners.
At one point, I had to choose between a career as a football player and a professional ballroom dancer.
Jane Plant with ballroom dancer, coach and star of Strictly Come Dancing Karen Hardy
BIRTHDAYS: Dame Diana Rigg, actress, 75; Kim Carnes, singer, 68; Carlos Santana, rock musician, 66; Jonathon Morris, actor, 53; Anton du Beke, pictured, ballroom dancer, 47.
Finally, as a ballroom dancer, I was required to have leather-soled shoes for many ballrooms and studios.
The oldest competitive ballroom dancer is Frederick Salter, who passed his IDTA Gold Bar Level 3 examinations in Latin and Ballroom with Honours aged 100 years 245 days, in Eltham, London, on October 15, 2011.
Champion Latin American and ballroom dancer Paul-Michael Jones plays Johnny Castle, in the role made famous by Patrick Swayze.
The Australian filmmaker, who is also a trained ballroom dancer, is fully embracing the newly re-gained popularity of the sport.
Ballroom dancer Kristina Milova has created mini dance routines for the workout--and no partner's needed.
We couldn't find a female professional ballroom dancer who was tall enough," explained the great man mischievously.
He had just begun rehearsals for a guest role as a ballroom dancer in Shameless.
In an interview to be shown on GMTV's Sunday programme, Mr Cable discloses he is a keen ballroom dancer, but dismissed the glitzy dance show's host Bruce Forsyth as "over the top".
They have progressed leaps and bounds," said Linda Chesnutt, a retired federal program analyst and ballroom dancer for 15 years who gives the students tips on styling and technique.
All of this goes on in the background of the novel's much more complicated story line, which includes a pot-farming mom, a Chinese smuggler of refugees who sidelines as a professional ballroom dancer, lesbian separatist survivalists, and an obnoxious writer named Douglas Coupland.
In the 1920s he made a living in London as an illustrator, theatre designer and ballroom dancer.