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a pen that has a small metal ball as the point of transfer of ink to paper

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The BIC Atlantis Exact Fun ballpoint pens are brand new for 2015 and come in a range of fun and fashionable ink and barrel colours to choose from.
Ballpoint is such a find, and includes an unusual focus on a father-son relationship and a ballpoint pen.
Remember the ballpoint pen in the beginning paragraph and how expensive and worthless it was and also how good it became?
For work, I am always equipped with at least six ballpoint pens just in case one conks out and I happen to lose another and someone borrows a third and forgets to return it and so on and so forth.
Modern ballpoint pens are mostly made of plastic, derived from petroleum, and a small amount of metal.
I would trace the gothic typeface of The New York Times banner head, [and] practice the copperplate script that adorns wedding invitations with felt markers and ballpoint pens," he recalls.
1943 - Ballpoint pens devised by Hungarian Laszlo Biro, were patented in the United States.
Other drawings made by exhausting ballpoint pens in rendering endless chains of loops seem too derivative of more ambitious work by Tim Hawkinson, while lightboxes with stickers layered on their insides to create quasi-cosmic atmospheric depth never achieve the kind of transformation Donovan engineers elsewhere.
The elections office has asked voters to use black ballpoint pens on ballots arriving in mailboxes over the next few days for the Feb.
has been presented with the "Excellence in Customer Service Award for 2003" from Sanford Corporation, the world's largest writing instrument manufacturer/marketer and the maker of Sharpie markers and PaperMate ballpoint pens.
According to an audit conducted by the New York State comptroller, state police have used it to pay for departmental dry cleaning bills, ballpoint pens, travel, car leases, grounds maintenance for precincts, and winter boots.
When NASA first started sending up astronauts, they quickly discovered that ballpoint pens would not work in zero gravity.
Vermont has become the first state to take aim at drug companies' practice of showering free gifts--from ballpoint pens to trips--on doctors and nurses.
New products featured include the 147 Series Colored Pencils, 147A Series Watercolor Pencils, Lumocolor CD/DVD Markers, GXL Stick Pens, X-Large Writer Gel Pens, and Trigon Automatic Pencils and Ballpoint Pens.
Ballpoint pens -- Using "green" products from soybean oil in ballpoint pen inks.