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Synonyms for ballpark

a facility in which ball games are played (especially baseball games)

near to the scope or range of something

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The Reno Aces Baseball Club deal will give Greater Nevada exclusive sponsorship and advertising rights, as well as prominent signage on the ballpark's exterior faEoade, the scoreboard at left center field and other locations throughout the ballpark.
Were glad to see that major league baseball and its commissioner are finally addressing the serious safety issue at stake at ballparks across the nation, but we will fight to make these new safety measures more than just recommendations and to make sure the measures are adequate, said Steve Berman, managing partner of Hagens Berman.
Preston's Minimalist MLB Ballparks and Heritage Collection (www.
The Joy of Ballpark Food from Hot Dogs to Haute Cuisine traces the history and evolution of ballpark food, from how the hot dog came to America and came to be associated with baseball to other foods associated with ballpark events, from Cracker Jack to the later appearance of nachos and knishes.
Now comes word that due to the drop off, the Marlins will be tarping off the upper deck of the ballpark opened just last April.
More than one opposing player remembers that the playing surface was always in first-rate condition, a recollection that is a bit of a shock to those who have pored over photos of old ballparks and seen lots of bare earth where grass should have been.
On the roof of the grandstand were both a small press box and a wire screen on each side of the press box to try to keep foul balls from leaving the ballpark.
A 3-D virtual Video tour as well as renderings and a comprehensive overview of the new Mets Ballpark are now available at Mets.
We've seen other dries that have built downtown ballparks in recent years, and they've spurred redevelopment and brought people back downtown to ballgames and restaurants and other entertainment that may not have come without it.
As Keating estimated, "During the 20th century, more than $20 billion has been spent on major league ballparks, stadiums, and arenas.
For people with disabilities, this ballpark is uniquely different and sets the standard for all future accessible ballparks and stadiums.
About Target Field Target Field, one of America's most urban ballparks, is located in the historic Warehouse district of downtown Minneapolis.
Select READ MORE to see data population data in 10 different incremental measurements based on time from ballparks, along with data for the likes of Newark, Las Vegas, Portland, Charlotte, and more.
During that era, the league had at least one and, in most seasons, two franchises in the Los Angeles area that occupied eight different ballparks.
Green Cathedrals: The Ultimate Celebration of Major League and Negro League Ballparks offers up a history of each of the ballparks that have hosted Major League and Negro League baseball, and appears in a revised, updated edition which has seen many changes since its initial appearance a decade ago.