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A ballpark figure is better, but make sure that the details of what work will be done for that amount of money is in writing.
Most associations have conducted salary surveys of their members; this data can be useful in arriving at a ballpark figure.
The major one is cost In a residential building, a ballpark figure for an average 2,000-pound-capacity elevator is in the $45,000 range.
By that description, you can probably get a ballpark figure of my income.
NAR has a ballpark figure of about 80 percent of the personnel doing coursework.
But 140 yen to the dollar is a ballpark figure, he said.
Despite more than 200 years of experiments, the best laboratory determinations of the force of gravity have yielded no better than a ballpark figure.
Even a ballpark figure would be helpful, but typically only anecdotal "on the street" estimates are available.
Universal Ballet of Seoul, South Korea, may offer a ballpark figure, however.
This estimate really can't be verified, although it's a reasonable ballpark figure.
If the MB (live) clay is subtracted from the AFS/25 Micron Clay, the difference is a ballpark figure of the amount of dead clay.
As was true for your parents, the ballpark figure for the most house you can afford is three times your gross annual income (assuming 20 percent down).
Right now, Cameron can only provide a ballpark figure for the GST if the project extends beyond Jan.
He said the company does not put a ballpark figure on the amount needed for investment as it varies depending on the nature of each market.
Therefore, we've decided to let them get their mobile casino or sportsbook idea in front of our BAs and get a ballpark figure of their product development and marketing.