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Tras estas intervenciones, de Pedraja, Sainz, Vilanova, Taylor Ballota y Harle, entre otros, llevaron a cabo recogidas de materiales no sistematicas.
Parece que podria tratarse de la Quercus ilex, quizas la variedad ballota (Andre, 1962: 106, n.
In related work, Milevsky and Promislow (2001), Dahl (2004), Schrager (2006), Ballota and Haberman (2003) as well as Biffis and Millossovich (2004) use continuous-time modeling for the hazard rate to develop pricing formulae for options that are embedded within various insurance and annuity policies.
This year, snowy white 'Maureen' and maroon 'Queen of the Night' tulips echoed a backdrop of plum-colored Loropetalum chinense, flowing in a ribbon between rows of existing shrubs and perennials such as Ballota pseudodictamnus and Lamium maculatum 'White Nancy'.
Other plants with a similar foliage but not as large individual leaves are Stachys byzantina, Ballota acetabulosa and pseudodictamnus.
The predominant species, Quercus ballota, is ecologically very flexible and is found at different altitudes alongside the plants that are more specific to each altitudinal community.
Ballota saxatilis is a Mediterranean relict lithophyte of Gebel Serbal that also grows in the rocks of Wadi Rum and is separated from its closest population in the Mediterranean territory of Israel by 340 km of mainly desert, where it does not grow.
4 Inch Overall Length - 29 Inch, Weight - 1200 Grams Grip Material Pvc, Head Material - Metal Cutter Type - By Pass, Make Falcon Or Similar Model Of Make Ballota Sharpex Or Sgc.
Microstructure and Phytochemical Screening of different Organs of the Medicinal Plant Ballota hirsuta Benth in the Tessala Mountains (Western Algeria).
Ballota at its lower and upper altitudinal limits in the Iberian peninsula and during a single freezing-thawing cycle.
Se han muestreado durante los ultimos seis anos algunos ambientes dei Parque Natural como encinares de Quercus ilex subsp, ballota (Desf.
65) at an elevation of 700 m, composed of some tall (6-8 m) specimens of Quercus ballota, though the majority of the trees are between 3-4 m tall.
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