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The spokesman said that candidates contesting for Municipal Committee would use white color ballot paper.
But a Labour spokesman said: "We do not believe that the current format of regional ballot papers should be changed.
During Thursdayas hearing, four witnesses were examined, including Dimitar Dimitrov, who had been in charge of the software of the CCTV cameras at the printing house, Zhivko Stankulov, an official of the Council of Ministers unit responsible for the ballot papers, Bozhidar Vasilev, head of the Production unit at the printing facility, and Borislav Krumov, who had been in charge of guaranteeing the security of the ballot papers.
fraudulently take any ballot paper out of any polling place or counting centre; or
Presidential candidate Andreas Efstratiou will have to pay e1/420,000 to the state election services after more than half a million ballot paper were destroyed in the run up to last years presidential election when he used the Guinness World Record logo without the company's consent.
It further told that after receiving the ballot paper the voter was required to proceed to the place reserved for marking the ballot paper with a cross-mark against the name of a candidate and then drop it in a box without delay.
25 million ballot papers along with corresponding number lists, A3 large print and A4 hand-held samples of the front of the ballot papers and training samples detailed in Specification.
A county council spokeswoman said: "This was a printer error, and we have now re-issued the postal voting ballot papers correctly.
In the letter it was stated that postal ballot papers would be sent out by November 7, too late for us as we will be away.
THE Government hopes to be able to ensure ballot papers for elections for powerful new police sheriffs can be printed in Welsh as well as English, Theresa May has said.
TUNIS (TAP) - Chairman of the Independent Higher Authority for Elections (IHAE) Kamel Jendoubi said that "material preparations for elections are nearing completion and what remains now is printing of all ballot papers which will be ready in two days, supply of the election ink and the training of human resources who will oversee the elections.
AS postal ballot papers for the Welsh general election arrive at our homes, it is dismaying to see that postal voters have even less information about regional list candidates than those people voting in person.
5 million ballot papers were sent from TALL Security Print to the African state which is balloting to decide whether it should split in two.
Hyderabad About 11 years after they were phased out, the ballot papers will be used in this month's by-elections in Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh.
On Tuesday, the state High Election Committee confirmed that truckloads of cast ballot papers were burnt unknown 'bandits', an act that has received widespread condemnation from across the spectrum.