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Synonyms for ballistics

the trajectory of an object in free flight

the science of flight dynamics

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Before approving it, "we must insist on an improved design" that can pass ballistics tests," Stearns wrote.
Coroner's officials were still awaiting gunshot-residue and ballistics tests, results that could take up to six weeks, before they finalize their report on how Marlon Gordillo Sical, 20, died, said Lt.
The Virginia State Police say ballistics tests show one of the guns found after the shooting was used in both shootings, at the dormitory and at the classroom building.
Although ballistics tests could not link the rest of the shootings along Interstate 270, investigators said they ``are comfortable'' in saying all 12 were connected.
Ballistics tests linked the rifle found in the car to nearly all the shootings.
Investigators began ballistics tests Wednesday to determine which one fired the fatal shots, the sergeant said.
Ballistics tests are to be carried out on the guns to see if they have been fired, the RUC said.
They are rewriting wiring specifications to include flashover and ballistics tests.
But ballistics tests carried out on the legally held firearm found it would go off even when the safety was on.
Police officer Victoras Akamas, a witness for the prosecution, was being cross-examined by the defence, which questioned the accuracy of the report he filed following ballistics tests on the two cartridges recovered from the crime scene.
He said authorities were conducting ballistics tests on the 9mm bullet casings found at the scene to determine whether they matched any of the automatic rifles that the Revolutionary Struggle is known to use.
They could encourage the illegal use of arms for self protection and make it difficult for investigators to track down criminals through ballistics tests.
Blast Proof Building' Episode Features Rhino Linings Sprayed-On Coating Protecting Trucks and Buildings Against Bomb Blasts and Ballistics Tests
Police are carrying out ballistics tests,but have not confirmed reports that a shotgun was used in the attack.
Swann made his findings after examining photos of the bodies, visiting the base and carrying out ballistics tests.