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Synonyms for ballistics

the trajectory of an object in free flight

the science of flight dynamics

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The Marine Corps has come under withering fire from critics who argue ballistic body armor requirements have resulted in bulky protective gear that fatigues soldiers and limits mobility.
The dogs are well-protected in these dangerous situations, armed with ballistic body armor, protective gear to shield against bullets and shrapnel, and infrared night-sight cameras that provide crucial feedback to troops and warn of potential ambushes.
Seriously, if we had a warehouse full of ballistic body armour, tear gas grenades, and rubber bullets, on the day the show opened we'd have been sitting there with our feet on a table, hands behind our heads, with a smug grin on our cheeky little faces.
And in October, police found dozens of casings sprayed from high-caliber weapons at the scene of a homicide on Sherman Way in North Hollywood, where gunmen wore ballistic body armor, Moore said.
Sample uniforms, shoes and boots, body armor, ballistic body bunkers, etc.
While ballistic body armor provides a degree of protection against slash attacks, most modern pocketknives have the ability to puncture the material unless the weapon strikes a trauma plate.