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And last night heartbroken school dinner lady Mary, 58, blamed his rich foster parents for sending him to BALLET lessons.
The weekends are also a time for taking Sammantha to ballet lessons at the Youth Center and taking the kids to one of the base's parks.
Parents hand out extra cash to pay for everything from swimming or ballet lessons, to sweets, clothes or trips out.
Richard studied for several years at Pattison College in Binley Road, Coventry, and was featured in the Evening Telegraph as a 16-year-old who won a pounds 200 scholarship for ballet lessons.
She started ballet lessons at age four, joined the part-time theatre school Stagecoach four years ago and has an impressive CV which includes appearing in the professional touring production of Whistle Down The Wind at Sunderland Empire and Newcastle Theatre Royal.
AT 32 you'd have thought Amanda Holden was a little too old to start taking ballet lessons.
Ballet lessons, horse riding and swimming all rate highly and it is no longer uncommon for girls to also be keen footballers, tree-climbers and rugby players.
He went on to become a dancer, taking ballet lessons every day.
During daily phone calls, ask about homework, birthday parties, soccer practices, ballet lessons .
She goes to a mainstream school where activities like swimming, tap and ballet lessons are all part of her day.
Seven year-old Megan, who is receiving treatment for chronic kidney illness, has studied her favourite book which details each ballet step carefully, and one day hopes to have ballet lessons herself.
Since then she has attended ballet lessons at Bedwas Workman's Hall under the direction of Miriam Riseborough, who recommended the young dancer for the Royal Ballet School.
During the depression, when families barely had money for food, much less ballet lessons, Thinnes' grandmother taught classes in her living room for whatever the students could pay.
LITTLE Megan Lumbard is taking ballet lessons - thanks to a new set of prosthetic toes.
Don't tell her, but instead of a cardi from M&S, this year my mum will be blessed with a delightful framed photo of Daisy (and possibly one of her new little brother if we can get one of him when he's not either screaming or puking), and a feature-length video of Daisy doing her ballet lessons.