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a trained dancer who is a member of a ballet company

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Carol said Big Ballet wasn't about MOCKING larger ladies, it was about proving that girls who dreamed of being ballet dancers didn't have to conform to the tiny stereotype.
Sponsorship allows us to do what we do best, training classical ballet dancers so they can move onto careers within ballet.
Frankie Morris, Michelle Samson and Sophie Tickle were among the 200 ballet dancers who danced alongside prima ballerina Darcey Bussell.
Young ballet dancers get ready for the first rehearsal for their English Youth Ballet performance at Fitzalan High School, Cardiff PICTURE: Andrew James [umlaut]
The EYB believe in order to become accomplished ballet dancers you need on stage experience to improve your performance and technique.
The English National Ballet dancers are performing their take on the classic fairytale until tomorrow night.
Formed to challenge social standards in a world where slenderness and beauty seems obsessive, The Big Ballet dancers courageously and imposingly prove that grace, elegance, charisma and nimbleness are not the sole preserve of the "thin" and proudly present their voluptuous, yet surprisingly sinuous and flexible, figures.
The diminutive dancer will be hosting a special workshop for young budding ballet dancers at La Sagesse school in Jesmond this Sunday.
YOUNG ballet dancers are being forced into anorexia, a top psychotherapist claims.
Unfortunately, too many of them take that act offstage as well, which is why we shouldn't expect enlightened films about queer ballet dancers any more than we should expect intelligent depictions of gay athletes.
Ballet dancers make grace look easy, but it takes hard work, training, and practice to glide across the stage.
OTC BB: DANS) has been the bodywear and activewear product of choice for millions of female ballet dancers.
1 -- 2) Director Kathleen Burnett helps Antelope Valley Ballet dancers, above, prepare for ``The Nutcracker,'' including the Chinese dance scene, at left.
While the makeup of the company is in constant flux, there is a steady stream of classically trained ballet dancers well-equipped to feed the fusion.