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a cap with a bill

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The anticipation and excitement marking out every single one of Soneji's actions in the cellar seem more appropriate for a child rather than a serial killer: "A stained Georgetown ballcap was hung on a hook.
A ballcap without a bill might be in line since so many young people are wearing their ball caps backwards
When Pratt finishes telling this story his eyes overflow with tears, and his ballcap is a crinkled mass of black cotton.
Bergeron drew cheers as he skated to center ice and donned a red Canada ballcap.
He's wearing a black ballcap, and is wearing a fake moustache.
New York Yankees star minor league pitcher Jason Arnold, in ballcap, visits with Tampa, Fla.
The FUN shade graphics (Flower, Car, Ballcap, and Ladybug) coordinate with any umbrella stroller.
He pushed his ballcap high, and called Miles "The Conductor," like the guys on trains.
I'm, like, the anti-volunteer," said Kreitz, a big man - 6 feet 3, 255 pounds - who favors track pants, T-shirts and a Boston Red Sox ballcap.
Bands of salt on Chris Harpel's black "USGS" ballcap attest to the sweaty work the government scientists do here each September.
Richard Villalobos of West Hills saw last week's review of the ``Game Hat,'' a patented ballcap made by a fellow near San Diego that helps baseball spectators shag foul balls without the use of a glove.
Once we released them, they went on their way very happily, waving to us, wearing USS Kidd Navy ballcaps," said Rear Admiral Craig Faller, commander of the carrier strike group.
We've all witnessed them shooting up cars, and then they just drive off in their SUVs, wearing their ballcaps, sunglasses, and full beards.
Manitoba chief Terry Nelson, who favours ballcaps, dark glasses and plaid shirts, is calling for something a little more Ipperwashian.
The Fishercats donated ballcaps to DAV members attending the game, and the Department of New Hampshire treated their guests to free food at the ballpark.